How can the security system be bypassed that has the security chip in the key?

you will need to bring it into your dealer. you home should use the wireless intelligent alarm system.
The wireless intelligent alarm apparatus is called :"the electronic police".These part composition is mainly make up with the microcomputer main engine,gate magnetism,each kind of infra-red probe head,protect the window radar,the haze sensor,the emergency button,the remote control.It's convenient to can look at the instruction booklet then install complete in a short time ,also the user can let the relation technician to install .First,install the gate magnetism ,infra-red probe head in windows and doors which need to protect ,and set up the main engine, then carrying the remote control to control the living safety.As soon as the thief come into the home ,or destroy the windows and doors ,the gate magnetism and the infra-red probe head will immediately detect and transmit message to the alarm apparatus main engine,the alarm apparatus main engine will defer to the program which is established by the owner,and through the telephone make the master's handset and the public security control monitors .So police heard the messages will catch up the thieves in law.