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Are you using a copy key, or the original, the original should have a chip in it to unlock the security, if not a chipped key, the security system will not unlock, Key will have a little black square on one side. Will neeed to have vin# and info to get code from GM to cut new key and program the chip.


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There could be several reasons why a 1993 Pontiac Bonneville keeps dying. A couple of reasons could be a dirty air control valve or bad spark plugs.

Could be the fuel pump, fuel pump relay or fuse

You could try changing the transmission filter and the fluid.

could be one of the coil packs went bad

on a 93 Pontiac Bonneville you would remove the passenger side front tire. there may be a plastic cover that just pulls off. look to your left,back and up a little bit you should see the wires that connect to your cam sensor. theres your cam sensor. 91 Bonneville is probably the same.

it could be a range of things. it could be overheating, gas gauge is low, or your rpms are running too high.

no if you want one you must put it in yourself. be careful if you have an anti theft system. it has to be turned off or it could lock up the car

Could be a broken belt in one of your radial tires. Have them "spin balanced" to see it this is the problem.

Yes, you go to Bonneville salt flats get a car and step on the accelerator. You could also ride motorcycles on the Bonneville salt flats.

There are several reasons why the ABS light could be staying on in your 1995 Pontiac Sunfire. One reason is that the cable could have come loose. Another is that the fuse could be bad. To be on the safe side, you should have the car checked by your mechanic to see if there are any serious problems with the brakes themselves.

a mechanic told me it could be the neutral security switch on the clutch if it is a straight drive

If you can start it by jumping across the solenoid, you have a problem in the wiring or the switch itself. If you do not have a multitester, this could be a very difficult problem to diagnose. Take it to a mechanic.

if it has fuel injection a mechanic will have to reprogram the fuel injection for you when you run them dry they get out of sync and dont fire at the right time.

My air bag light came on and stayed on. I could smell burnt plastic smell while driving initially and took it in to the garage. The mechanic said I need a new air bag module. The airbag will not deploy if this is not repaired and the light will stay on.

You could be having a problem with your spark plugs and your dashboard is alerting you. You should have a mechanic check it out.

This is an internal transmission problem and could have several causes. Transmission needs to be replaced or rebuilt. There are a good amount of used ones on the market for reasonable prices. Get one with a parts and labor warranty.

The first thing I would check for this problem would be your motor mounts. A broken motor mount could allow the engine to twist and turn causing a vibrating sensation.

It's under the frame below the passenger rear door. 1 line in 1 line out. Need a special tool to remove lines or they could leak when you put the new fuel filter on.

The problem can be fixed !! Change the module!! If you could afford the vehicle,then the module is way much cheaper!! Avoid accidents!Always read,understand and follow instructions!! You only live once!!

i am 10 year mechanic bt i no have a how could i get a lience

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