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How can use hot water more wisely?

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Hot water can be used more wisely by installing a low volume shower head. Washing clothes with cold is also very helpful.

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Why must you use your resources wisely?

we must preserve and protect out resources by using them less and using them wisely.We must use eco-friendly resources and plant more natural plants and trees. Use water wisely also.

How are we running out of water?

Water can run out because we are wasting it. We should use it more wisely so we won't run out of water.

How do you spread message of water conservation to 3 person?

Ask one to save water and use it wisely because there will not be any water left if everyone do not use it wisely.

What is it called when we use water wisely and limit our overall use of water?

Sustainable use of water resources.

What can happen if we don't use water wisely?

we will be able to save water

Why do you need to use water wisely?

Water is a limited resource on Earth. Water is essential to life. The more we waste the quicker life will die out on Earth.

How can you save water at home?

4 ways to use water wisely at home

What water conservation mean?

iIt means to save water and use it wisely

What is better hot water or cold water?

well it depends about the situation but mainly hot water is better because you use hot water more than cold water you use hot water for melting, heating etc however cold water is better on a hot day or if you burn or hurt yourselves

What differences are there when you use hot or cold water in a lava lamp?

hot water contains more energy than cold water. cold water causes the water molegules to vibrate more.

What can people do to use natural resources more wisely?

eat it

Why is it good to use energy more wisely at home?

It is good to use energy more wisely because you can help lower green house gas emissions and to lower your energy bill

Can a faulty hot water heater cause you to use more water?

Only if if has a leak.

Why is it more expensive to use a washing machine on a hot cycle?

Washing machines get water from your plumbing, if it is hot, then it costs you to run your hot water heater to heat up the water.

When washing your hands you should use and hot water to kill germs?

Yes the hot water kills more germs than cold water.

Can a human last a week with just a bottle of water?

If they use it wisely, yes!

Does washing clothes in cold water use more energy than washing them in hot water?

No, its more energy efficient.

Should you use hot or cold compresses for a swollen eyelid?

ONLY USE COLD WATER for a swollen eyelid. Hot water stimulates the cells and makes it more swollen.

Why must you use hot water and soap when washing your hand?

because hot water kills more germs than washing it with cold water soap is also needed to kill more germs

Why is it important to use fresh water wisely?

for the safety of our health to prevent our body from diseases

How do crops grow in hot countries with limited water?

the irrigation system. it is to use water more effectively and more priority for the crops.

Do steam heating systems use more water than hot water systems?

no because its not the water your using its the steam from the water

Why is the hot water tap on the left?

Because most folks are RIGHT handed and thus use cold more then HOT

Do you use hot or cold water for a portable dishwasher?

Hot Water

What is a hot water bath and how is it used?

A hot water bath is a bath with hot water. You use it to take a bath.

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