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They are magic and the are real the. Don't need to breathe because the have special powers

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Q: How can vampires live if they don't breathe?
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Do vampires live in Edmonton?

no they dont live any they arent real

Were do vampires live?

vampires can live anywere in the world they can have houses or just live in the woodsalso they live in dark and damp caves.i dont know look it up insted of looking at the answer

Where do vampres usually live?

vampires dont exist is just a myth

Are vampires actually dead?

vampires are fictional creatures. they are said to be the "living dead" they don't have beating hearts nor do they breathe but they still walk and talk in a sense. It actually depends on the author and how they want to portray the vampire. No they are pretty alive they breathe and their heart is beating.

Where are vampires formed?

vampires dont exist

Do vampires live in LA?

Vampires can live anywhere! :)

Do vampires live in America?

No, vampires do not live in America as they do not exist.

How long do vampires live for why?

Vampires do not live, they are reanimated corpses.

Do vampires smoke?

they dont

What are the places vampires live around the world?

Vampires can live anywhere.

Are vampires real do they live in Kentucky?

no they aren't real therefore they dont live in Kentucky, if your still interested you can ask bout where the vampire legend came from.

Can a vampires live between the humans?

yes , vampires live between humans