How can you Cure clogged ears?

if you mean when your ears hurt on a plane because of the pressure, there are a number of cures :

1)chew some gum or a sweet to open up your ears.

good point : it works when the plane is landing and taking off.

bad point : it is the least effective cure.

2)swallow a sip of water/yawn every 10 seconds.

good point : it pops your ears gently and the pressure does not hurt as much.

bad point : the pressure gets worse between the 10 seconds.

finally, the most effective for me, is holding your nose and blowing out through it hard to pop you ears. when they pop, they should sting for 1 or 2 seconds. but after that, they should be completely fine and you will be able to hear better. but your ears will automatically start to heal and close up again, and the pressure might get to your ears. if this happens, just pop them again.

I did what was mentioned just above, but now my left ear will not pop when I do it, and it isn't infected... so do not pop your ears this way, it will make them cloudy. - JessyEllen