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How can you add codes to your action replay DS?

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just plug in the aciton replay in the ds and plug a game you want in the action replay add codes from internet use codes from

Yes you can get DS codes on a Action Replay 3DS.

You need the Action Replay DS to use the codes on your games. If you mean by putting codes onto your DS without typing it in, you can use the Action Replay Code Manager to manage, add, delete, and transfer codes onto your Action Replay. You can get more information on the Action Replay here: none of this is helpful for the person how wrote it

first you add a ds game into the action replay. then when you get to the front page click on the star, when you get there click on <add new code>. to get codes go to

action replay codes for kamen rider for ds

turn on action repay on ds. click on little star. click on add codes and type away

Yes, Action Replay DS is required to use the codes.

you have to get a action replay you have to get a action replay

you: A: have a broken ds B: your action replay is broken C: your action replay is fake D: your codes are fake E: your codes are not writen properly

To use your Action Replay DS, you insert it into your Nintendo DS and place the game you want to "cheat" for inside the Action Replay. You then turn on your console, and it should bring you to the main Action Replay Screen. Click on the Star "*" in the corner of the screen to go to the games list, or the game that is inserted in your Action Replay. From there you can add codes. You can get codes on many websites, like or You then type those codes in on your DS, or you can use your computer.

The reason for the action replay is basically for you to have cheat codes for your ds but in order for them to work is for you to look up action replay codes and figure out how to enter them into your action replay card

Action Replay Max has more codes and has a gameboy gameshark or action replay.

There is no built-in way to add cheat codes for Super Mario 64 DS, but you can buy an Action Replay DS Hacking Device for $20 and add cheat codes for almost any DS game. I added a link to the Action Replay website as well as some codes you can use for it once you get it.

Yes action replay works for ds, ds lite, and dsi, hence the name "action replay dsi".

go to a store where they sell games and ask them if they have action replay codes for the ds

You cannot --- You need an Action Replay DS to insert codes.

You cannot: You need the Action Replay DS to input the codes for your games.

You can't, you have to have the action replay in to be able to enter the codes for your game.

There are several ways you can put codes into your Action Replay 1. Enter them on your Nintendo DS 2. Add them by using your Computer 3. Add them by using a Subscription URL You can find tutorials on how to do these at this website:

If it doesn't have a slot on the top of it then you probably bought Action Replay DS, not Action Replay DSi. To use Action Replay DS you type in the code you want, check-mark the codes you want to use, then pop out your Action Replay DS ( while the DS in on!) and pop in the game you have the codes on for, then press start game. If you have Action Replay DS then when you pop out your Action Replay it won't freeze, so you can still start up your game with the codes.

You need an Action Replay to add on codes and the Action Replay will allow you to use cheats on almost any DS game. From there just add new codes to have what you would like in the game!

yes. a dsi is the same as a normal ds but with a camera.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------You can use the same codes from the DS to the DSI, but you cannot use a DS Action Replay for the DSI, you have to use a DSi Action replay, which works with all, to get codes for DSi.

go to codes then press add new code but first type in the name of the code but that's for the (dsi action replay) but i have no clue for the ds action replay

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