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Go to the Club Penguin Site.

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How do you be a clubpenguin moderator?

the only way to be a club penguin moderator is that you have to work in the club penguin company

How do you ban a safe chat penguin on clubpenguin?

Become a moderator. To become a moderator you need to work for Club Penguin

Who is Billybob on the Club Penguin blog and what does he do?

He helps you and tells you about Clubpenguin. He is a moderator.

Is Mimo777 a moderator on clubpenguin?

yes she is she is my friend for real life yea right

How to bann penguins forever in clubpenguin?

You can't ban penguins unless you are a moderator. You can always report a penguin if you feel a moderator should ban them.

How do you be a bay bee hater Club Penguin?

you go to the pet shop and say stuff like DOWN WITH BAY BEES!! or be a baby abuser which is fun but gets you banned. if you are annoyed with the clubpenguin bay bees become a moderator and ban them or report them to a moderator or ignore them you can also E-mail clubpenguin about the clubpenguin bay bees and they will probably ban anyone who is a cp bay bee.

How do you be rockhopper on clubpenguin?

You cant be rock hopper on club penguin rock hopper is a moderator or player support representative.

Do People get away with bad stuff on ClubPenguin?

if they harass u they do unless a moderator sees them or you report then if they swear they are banned

How do you become a moderator on clubpenguin?

on clubpenguin.comyou can YOU MUST BE OVER 30 DAYS OLD(NO EXCEPTIONS)Click on the badge with the "M" on the upper right:):):):):):)

On clubpenguin how do you get penguins passwords?

here is a account:user: punn punnpass: moderatorhes really real but dont ban him

What is Garys password on clubpenguin November 11 2009?

you can not get on garys user he is a bot or a moderator using him hes go club penguin on Halloween ok

Clubpenguin is Mimo777 the son of a moderator on clubpenguin such as BillyBob Rsnail and Gizmo?

No, i have talked to Flobay which his uncle is screenhog, he said that mimo777s dad is not billybob or rsnail or gizmo. - Pengocent :D

In clubpenguin how do you go inside the acp in command room?

You need to have the D.S game because the D.S game has the cheat to go to the command room. Or..... you can be a moderator ( agent ).

How does one become a player moderator on runescape?

there are two types of moderators, there is the jagax moderator who is hired, and then the player moderator who is chosen by the hired moderator....

How do you be a moderator on Bin Weevils?

no idea. but you can report a moderator

Moderator in nuclear reactor?

In a nuclear reactor, the moderator is:

How do you beacome a moderator on sploder?

sign up to the forums and click on how to become a moderator and follow the steps and become a moderator

How does one become a moderator for Yahoo Groups?

To become a moderator, you must be reviewed and approved by the owner or another moderator.

Can you play clubpenguin on your ipod teach?

you can get clubpenguin cheats but not clubpenguin

How do you get to be a moderator on club penguin?

You cannot be a moderator in Club Penguin not unless you are a member of the Penguin team. There are no cheats to become a moderator, either.

How do you become a moderator on moshi?

you need to be a member to become a moderator first

How do you add moderators to a group on Bebo?

A current moderator can invite somebody to be a moderator as well. If you are already a moderator just go to the group page and under "moderators" click "add moderator". Hope this works.

What is Club Penguin 2?

its clubpenguin. clubpenguin 2 clubpenguin it's clubpenguin but 2 added to it that's all

How do you report people on clubpenguin?

ok well first you have to be a secret agent(if your not one click the moderator at the top right corner of the screen you have to be 30 days old i think)then click the penguin you want to report.ok?then click the last butten not the smiley face the one with the moderator symbol.then click yes and just click what he or she was doing!my penguin is Blaze Jr2!hope i helped!:D

Where does clubpenguin design their stuff?

If you asked who makes clubpenguin Disney makes clubpenguin