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I think I could be a pilot if I get the chance of learning about aviation.

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โˆ™ 2011-12-10 18:39:22
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Q: How can you be a pilot?
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What does pilot mean what does pilot mean?

Pilot is an English word that means a plane pilot, as in I am a pilot driving a plane. :)

What are some jobs for pilots?

Airline pilot, instructor pilot, safety pilot, freight pilot, cargo pilot, army pilot among others

What is the education requirements for a pilot?

Depends upon what level of pilot you want to be. There are different requirements for sport pilot, recreational pilot, private pilot, commercial pilot and airline transport pilot.

What is the name for the aeroplane pilot?

The name for the aeroplane pilot is simply pilot. The pilot is usually a Captain.

Why does a pilot need to get along with the co-pilot?

They don't have to.

When did Banjo-Pilot?

Banjo-Pilot happened in 2005.

What is a female airplane pilot called?

A female airplane pilot is simply a pilot. She could be a Captain.

How do you write a pilot?


How do you spell pilot?


What was the pilot episode of the office?

The pilot episode of the Office is actually called The Pilot.

Who was Aaliyah pilot?

Aaliyah, pilot Luis Morales III was her pilot when she died.

Who sings the last song as it goes off to the death sentence?

"Alright" by Pilot Speed "Alright" by Pilot Speed "Alright" by Pilot Speed "Alright" by Pilot Speed "Alright" by Pilot Speed "Alright" by Pilot Speed

What does a space pilot do?

Pilot the spacecraft.

What is needed as a pilot?

A pilot license.

What is the female name for pilot?


What is a male pilot called?


What is the opposite of a pilot?

what is the oposite of a pilot

Do you drive or pilot a boat?


Can you give the masculine and feminine of pilot in English?

Pilot and Pilot. It works both ways

When you are ready to bicome a pilot?

after completion of my pilot course i will be joining the airlines and i will become a pilot.

What is the feminine of pilot?

Pilot. (There is no difference.)

Which is better a private pilot or a pilot?

Technically a pilot is anyone who has flown an airplane. In the USA, there are several different levels of pilot certificates. They go:Student Pilot Certificate (can fly solo with a flight instructor signoff)Private Pilot Certificate (can fly with passengers, not for hire)Commercial Pilot Certificate (can fly for hire)Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (can fly as a captain for charter and airline operations)So a "pilot" is not necessarily better or worse than a private pilot.

What to do if you want to become a pilot?

what to do if we want to be a pilot

What is a pilot?

A pilot is a man who drives a plane.

Do you have to be smart to be a pilot?

It depens what kind of pilot......