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I am not sure if visas ("Green Cards") are still being granted to Jamaicans or not , regardless if they had children in the USA or not. I think that there was a recent law doing this thing. A law that said something like: All illegal jamaicans in the USA, who have being in the country since 1998, can apply for a "green card." Of course that only applies if you have been in the USA since 1998. Otherwise you would have to wait until your baby is 21 years old for him/her to apply for "green cards" for you. But I am not expert in these things, however. You better check with the USCIS in the USA, or the American embassy or consulate in Jamaica. Good luck.

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Q: How can you become residents of the USA if you came here in 2002 on vacation but had premature labor and had your baby here and you are Jamaican and so is the father?
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