Periods while Pregnant

How can you bleed if you're pregnant?

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Women can bleeding during pregnancy because the old blood left from their last period can be released from her vagina and cause light bleeding. Also a women may bleed when she has conceived and this is called implantation bleeding. The bleeding is rarely ever heavy and like a normal period.

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Can you bleed heavy and be pregnant?

Look people if you get pregnant you hardly don't bleed

Does youre stomach still go in and out when you breathe if youre pregnant?

Yes. You still breathe normally while pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you haven't got your period?

You can get pregnant before the first time you bleed because you ovulate before you bleed and that is when you can get pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you bleed a little and then bleed a lot?


Could i be pregnant i have sore heavy breasts headachs back ach cramps feel very tired i came on my period 2 days early an it is different to my last one it is very light i feel i have a temperature.?

when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant. when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant. when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant. when you have your period, that means youre not pregnant.

How do you tell from your period if your pregnant?

you miss youre period if your pregnant.

How do you know if youre pregnant?

if you missed a period

Can you be pregnant if youre spotting and cramping?


Do you count the weekends when youre pregnant?


Can you have period pain if your pregnant?

yes. you can even have your period while youre pregnant

Can you get pregnant if you are 12 years old and you have never have a period?

Before you start to bleed you ovulate so yes, you can get pregnant before you start to bleed. You will not know if you are in your period before you bleed.

Why Period symptoms no bleed?


Can a girl bleed when she is pregnant?


Do hamsters bleed if there pregnant?

Yes they do my hamster bleed but not all over the place.

If you think you maybe pregnant and you have the normal symptoms but have a bleed four days before your period is due is it likely you are pregnant?

if you do bleed from your uterus, anything inside will be flushed out. this only happens if the egg is not fertilized. therefore if you do bleed and think you are pregnant, you are not.

Why have you had no withdrawal bleed could you be pregnant?


Can you bleed and cramp while you are pregnant?


Can you bleed while your pregnant?

Yes, actually.

How do you know shes not in heat do dogs still bleed when they are pregnant?

Actually dogs bleed right before they are "in heat" and then can get bred for about 9 days after that. And no. they should not bleed if they are pregnant. If this is occurring go see your vet!

If you dont have a withdrawal bleed could you be pregnant?

You can get pregnant whether you have withdrawal bleeding or not.

Can you bleed for 1 day and still be pregnant?

you can still have periods and still be pregnant

What if you dont get your period and youre not pregnant?

you could be chaning your cycle

What do it mean if youre boyfriend wants you to get pregnant?

He wants to have sex.

How does your stomach feel when youre 1 week pregnant?


Can a female dog fall pregnant before she bleeds?

No, they get pregnant about 3or4 days into the bleed