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How do you change the combination on a bike lock?

ask the person the combo and then get a different lock and whala

How do you reset a Schwinn bike lock combination?

To reset a Schwinn bike lock combination you will have to locate the reset lever at the top of the lock. Push and press this lever until it is flat. Enter the combination that you wish to use. Press the reset lever again to set the combination.

How do you use a bike combination lock?

Same way you use any combination lock. Set combo to open lock, close lock and turn comb away to close.

How do you reset a knox bike lock without knowing combination?

Cut it

How can you change a combination on a bike lock?

I think most bike combination locks have a buttton, or something to press in so that you can set a new combination. I imagine for most it is on the " top side " of the cylindrical lock barrel ( the side / face where you insert the key ). Try pressing something in, changing the combination ( then " unpushing " whatever you pushed in). With my lock you use the key to pry off the first ring then pull the next three off and reassemble it to your specifications.

How do you change a combination lock code?

That depends on the specific kind of lock.

How do you change your lock combination?

Simply open the lock and change the open lock to your new code, E.g 1234, Then close the lock then 1234 will be the combonation That is how i change my locks anyway

How can you change the numbers on a combination lock?


What do you do if you forget the combination to your bike lock?

go buy a new one and get some plyers and brake your one that you forgot the combination to.

What is the default password for Guard Lock of NKTEL2008?

What is the default password for Guard Lock of NKTEL2008?

How do you write a sentence with the word combination in it?

The combination lock kept my bike safe from thieves. Tomato in combination with bacon and lettuce makes a good sandwich.

How can you open a brinks combination bike lock if you have lost the combination?

go to the white sands <---- What? Try a big bolt cutter or a hacksaw.

When should you change a cipher lock combination?

Whenever the combination has been compromised or when someone leaves or is no longer to have access using the lock.

You usually park your bike on the street and your friends usually borrow your bike however you donnot want to copy many keys for them as it is very trouble any good idea to solve it?

Buy a combination lock. You can text them the code instead of copying keys. If the combination can be reset you can also change it regularly if you think too many people are using your bike.

What is best way to secure your bike?

with a bike lock.

How do you change your screen lock combination if you forgot the original combination?

restore it w/ itunes

Is a bike impossible to steal if you use a U-lock?

its much harder but its not impossible. Out of all the bike locks out there the U-lock is among the top.

How do you change your combination in a cycle-pro bicycle lock?

When the lock is open, there is a ridged knob to the right of the numbers. Turn this clockwise; then you can change the combination. Turn it back to fix the new combination. p.s. Don't do this by accident!

How do you open a Trek bike lock that you have forgotten the combination to?

You start at 0000 and work yourself up until it opens.

How do you change combination on a TSA lock?

Set the combination to the correct setting, then press the button that may be placed on the bottom of the lock, or somewhere else, and while holding that down, change the code to what you desire it to be.

How do you change the combination on a staples word lock?

When facing the front of the lock, input the current password and open the lock. While open, press the black button on the left side and change the combination to what you want, then release. The button allows you to change letters without moving the internal tumblers.

How to change combination on brinks lock?

hold reset and type the newcode!

Is a combination lock a padlock?

A combination lock is not the same as a padlock. A combination lock could be in a padlock. A padlock can use different lock mechanisms, including a combination lock.

What is the default password for guard lock of NKTEL c5000 mobile?

What is the default password for guard lock of NKTEL c5000 mobile?

How do you you reset a dilana travel lock?

If this is like mine, you must first know the combination to open the lock. If it is locked and you don't remember the combination, or don't know it, you will probably have to cut it off with bolt cutters. When lock is open you may then set to any combination you like. The lock will memorize whatever the combination was when it is closed. Once closed change the numbers and the lock will not open until the combination showing when the lock was closed is dialed in.