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Otoplasty is the only answer, as far as I know.

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Do beavers ears stick out?

no because they don't want their ears to stick out!!!!! :) no because there is no such thing as a beaver!

Do stick insects have ears in their knees?

Stick insects do not have ears in their knees or ears at all. They are able to sense sounds by the vibrations they feel around them.

Do the ears of a tiger stick out?

No, not really. Tiger's ears are quite conformal to the skull.

What does it mean when rabbits ears stick up?

they are curious

Why do tigers stick up their ears?

they want to listening

Do girls like guys with ears that stick out?

It doesn't matter whether a guys ears stick out or are pasted to his head! As long as he treats a girl nicely and with respect, he'll get a girlfriend!!

What does it mean when bunnies stick their ears up?

They are alert and listening.

How do you put on Lady Gaga heartbeats?

Stick the earbuds in your ears...?

Why do rabbits ears stick up?

nerves in the rabbit ears cause it to stick up, and allows the rabbit to hear and react to very senitive sounds. Rabbits have cartilage in their ears that helps them retain their shape and stand up to filter in all sounds.

If bird's have ears then where are they?

The bird's ears are in the side of their heads. They are not like human ears. They don't stick out. But they are little holes, and you cannot see them because they are covered by feathers.

Do stick insects have ears?

They do not have ears, but can sense sound by feeling vibrations of the air. Their sense of smell is their most important sense.

Can Cairn Terrier's have floppy ears?

Mine is mixed with a dauchshund and its ears stand and flop at times. Often stick straight out.

Why do dholes have pointy ears?

Pointy ears are better at detecting sound at the distance than floppy ears. They are also less likely to get infected.

What if your sister breaks a stick is it physical or chemical change?

It is a physical change as there is no change chemically in the composition of the stick

Do rabbits with long ears hear better than rabbits with ears that stick straight up?

All bunnies hear the same.

How can your computer be turned on from a distance?

a stick

Does the length of a sun stick control the distance a shadow moves?

yes the length of the sun stick does control the distance the shadow moves

What is the formula for working out the height of a tree?

Formula for working out height of a tree is (distance from eye to base of tree/distance from eye to base of stick) x length of stick = tree height.(distance from eye to base of tree/distance from eye to base of stick) x length of stick = tree height is the formula for working out height of a tree.

How do you change the camera view on Skyrim ps3?

Skyrim PS3 camera distance check. Push sticks down - adjust with the left stick.

How do you make your ears not stick out?

A simple ear surgery procedure called otoplasty is used to reduce the appearance of prominent ears. This treatment involves pinning back the ears so they no longer stick out as much. The procudure is carried out under general anaesthetic and takes between 2-3 three hours.

What is the difference between a Norwich Terrier and a Norfolk terrier?

The Norfolk Terrier's ears flop down, whereas the Norwich Terrier's ears stick up :)

Are droopy dog ears a dominant trait?

No it is recessive if you notice most of the dogs ancestors like the wolf or the coyote there ears stick straight up.

Do yorkies ears always stand up straight?

not always when they are puppy's there ears are down and as they mature there ears will prick up . Unless the puppy is a mixed breed then they might not stick up straight when they get older.

What do the colors on the Foxman stick mean?

The color's meanings are for the ears of Foxmen and Tribesmen only.

Why do your ears pop when you take off in an airplane?

Your ears pop because they are adjusting to the change in pressure.

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