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Plug it into the cigarette lighter.

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โˆ™ 2010-02-24 01:33:41
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Q: How can you charge portable GPS in your 1997 Acura TL?
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Is a gps considered a portable electronic device?

A hand held GPS is certainly a portable electronic device.

What is the battery life for a portable gps tracking system?

GPS Tracking LandAirSea | If You Have a Portable Device, Battery Power Will ... GPS Tracking System 3100-INT ... Bane of Portable GPS Tracking Devices ��� Short Battery Life

What is the best form of portable gps navigation?

One of the newest forms of portable gps navigation is now found on a watch. A wristwatch which can be easily worn is the most convenient portable gps device.

Is a pioneer portable gps reliable?

A pioneer portable gps does have a reliable system for route guidance and navigating in bothe countries like the united states and canada. the gps is also portable.

Are Tomtom portable GPS devices made in the USA?

No, the Tomtom portable GPS device is not made in the United States of America. As a matter of fact the Tomtom portable GPS device is make in China at the Shenzhen Vatop Technology Co.

Is a gps a Portable Electronic Device?

Yes - it is.

Where can I buy a Magellan portable GPS?

There are a ton of sites that you can buy a magellan portable GPS. Including:,,, and

Does the new acura legend come with standard gps systems or do you have to order them?

The 2010 Acura Legend does come with GPS. Through the GPS system you can control the climate of your car as well as get maintenance updates.

Is the Pioneer Portable GPS more expensive than the Magellan GPS?

This all depends on which models you are comparing. Depending on the model types will determine whether or not a Pioneer Portable GPS is more or less expensive than the Magellan GPS.

Does the iPhone include portable GPS navigation?

The iphone does include portable GPS navigation, however, based on the screensize, you may find that a dedicated GPS system is better if you need to use it frequently.

What is the diffence between a gps and a gps portable?

A GPS portable is most likely meant for use outside of the vehicle, such as on golf courses. A normal GPS is usually intended to be used only on the road, and will not work properly if it is used for other activities.

Is the cheapest Garmin GPS available at Wal-Mart?

The cheapest Garmin GPS is the Nuvi 205 3.5" Portable GPS. It is available at Walmart:

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