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Chatting with others is easy first if you want to chat with instant messaging (IM) Go to a popular IM site like this has hotmail and email, you must go into a IM link and install IM onto the computer. You will need an account to use this application but if you have an email account, that can be used. if you dont then you will have to create a new account. then once you are able to use IM get all your friends IM account names and place them as contacts in your account. you are now able to talk to them only if they are using IM at the same time to you. now all you have to do is write a message in the space provided and press send and they get the message straight away so you can talk to them like your talkng face to face.

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What is Internet chat?

Internet chat can be several things: You can chat through email, or in one of the many "chat rooms". You can also have an internet chat on a message blog (a web log), or through instant messaging. My personal favorite is on the WikiAnswer message boards, discussing questions and answers that people post. when you chat on the internet.(IM) Join and enjoy live audio video chat in addition to text chat...

Does the internet give shy people greater communication with others?

maybe... through pornography... and talking to naked men on chat roulette

How do report abuse from others in chat rooms?

There is usually a moderator in most chat rooms. You can report abuse to the moderator or the internet provider.

What effect does the internet have on teenagers?

The internet allows teenagers a place to chat with others and to research information. However it allows people to bully others, and and post inappropriate pictures.

How do you see others chat in facebook?

Facebook has one of the worst real-time chat system of the internet, even has a better chat system. Don't expect to be able to do lots... Stick with Windows Messenger if you want to "chat".

How do you Tchat in Habibti Arab Chat?

Someone can Tchat in Habibti Arab Chat by going to one of the Habibti chat rooms. Most people can be connected through a computer with internet connection.

What is internet chat account Explain different components of internet chat account?

what is your name

Where can one chat live on the internet?

If someone wanted to chat live on the internet there are a variety of places where someone can do so. Some of these places are Chat Roulette, Live Chat Inc and Chat Avenue.

What year did Internet chat rooms begin?

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) was invented in 1988

What is the pupose of a chat room?

To chat with others.

Why are there chat rooms?

Internet chat rooms? So that people can chat with one another via the internet, with the advantage of chatting with people they have not met before.

Were can you chat live in the internet?

You can chat with other people on

What are some examples of blackchat websites?

The internet is full of chat rooms where people can meet others. If one wants to know about the black chat websites, there are several. Black Planet and Afro Introductions are examples of black chat websites.

What is this internet abbrevition IRC?

Internet Relay Chat.

How do you see and chat with them?


How internet can be beneficial for language learning?

You can practice the language you are learning with someone who natively speaks the language through voice chat over the internet, and text chats.

What are the bad things about chat rooms?

Although there are quite many aspects about the bad qualities of internet chat rooms the major ones have to do with your saftey. - You never know who's on the other end talking to because when your in the chatroom u can be anything you want to be. -Although you look at others mistakes about handing out your personal information through the internet the victims always seem to fall right into their trap -

Is voice chat a data call or voice call?

Voice chat on your computer happens through passing data over your Internet connection, not standard "voice" phone lines.

How can you chat with Emma Watson on the internet?

You can chat with her either on Twitter or Facebook or be her friend and you can normally just chat to you

When did internet chat rooms begin?

The "internet relay chat" protocol, IRC, was invented prior to the web, but each user had to "log in" to a central computer system "hosting" the chat.

How video chat works?

by internet

Where can you find a chat room?

on the internet

What is an Internet chat room?


How do you get married on sims freeplay for iPad?

The same way on others greet chat chat chat chat chat chat beromantic be romantic be romantic and so on

What dating service provides online singles chat rooms?

The most frequently visited online dating services to supply chat rooms are Spark, Zoosk, and Match. Some integrate their chat through social networks. Some have chat rooms while others provide video chat.