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flash your head lights or take the fuse out and make sure it ain't blown

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:44:26
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Q: How can you check the headlight fuse is OK for a Clio 172?
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Why isn't the cigarette lighter working in my clio 172?

try the fuse

Where can one purchase a cheap Clio 172?

A Clio 172 is a rather well known sports car. A Clio 172 requires many tools and parts that are unique only to a Clio 172. One can purchase a cheap Clio 172 at used car lots.

Will a drive shaft for a Renault clio 172 fit on a Renault clio 172 cup?

yes you terd

Where is the location of the flasher unit on a clio 172?

The indicator relay is under the glove box, passenger side, behind the fuse box.

Clio sport 197 fuel cut off?

Where is the fuel cut off switch on a Clio 172

Clio ABS and service light?

service light and abs light on my clio 172 sport how do i reset thanks

How do you fix fuel computer on clio 172?

You need to take your vehicle to a dealer to have it reprogrammed, WBMS

Where is fuel filter on clio 172 sport?

if you look from the backside of the car, it`s under the car right side.

How do you open a Renault clio 2002 172 Cup Key fob?

remove screw from keyfob near stem, then prise apart. If the fob is not working check the solder joints around the buttons. Hope this helps.

Renault Clio motor start problem?

I had this problem on my clio 172, it's just the battery in the key fob may need replacing if the engine will turn over but just not start? works everytime for me now!

Location oil filter on a Renault clio?

Renault Clio 1.2 on a 51 plate.You will find the oil filter on the drivers side just at the back of the engine near the sump. I know that on a Renault clio 172 the oil filter is actually under the engine its self, very hard to spot and work on.

How do you remove spark plug for Renault clio?

what model is it? i.e mk2 2.0 172 or mk3 1.2 16v? mk3 1.2 16v

Clio 172 turns over but wont start?

Might be the crankshaft sensor? Give it a go. Same thing happened to my mum's '02, 1.2 16v.

What is the pharma market size of Cambodia?

$172 millionSpell check your answer

The service light came on after you moved passenger seat forward the car is a 2002 clio cup 172?

underneath the seat held in by plastic clips are some wiring blocks. check the connections because if any one of these wires come lose it will illuminate the service light.

Price for a cambelt on a clio 172?

Renault in Clapham Bedfordshire quoted me £900.00 for mine to be changed. I eventualy used a non-Renault garage who changed it for half the cost.

Why would the blower fan on a x reg Clio 172 only work on setting 4?

I had the same problem on a mondeo - dodgy contacts on the switch..hope that helps?

Is 516 divisible by 3?

Yes. 516 is indeed divisible by the number 3. The answer would be 172, since 172 goes into 516 precisely 3 times. You can check this by multiplying 3 x 172 to see for yourself.

How do you fit a speedo cable to Renault clio?

on a clio 172 ph2 (facelift )its not a cable its a sensor its on the gearbox just below the power-steering bottle it will cost you £25.35 On a clio 172 ph1 ( prefaclift) there is a cable, take off inner wing/plastic arch, peel back the sound guard. Once this is done disconnect the cable at both ends.. Next, at the bulk head pull the cable free, thread the new cable in and connect to accelerator and then to the throttle body, put on clip to hold the cable in place... put back sound deading and inner wing, all done..

Renault clio wont start?

HI, I have a clio 172, i have recently had that problem with my car, what would be worth doing is actually changing the battery in the key fob, if the battery is week it will not recognise the key and therefore not start. It will crank but not fully start, I changed my battery in the key fob and started first time after!

What is service interval for 2002 clio?

18k miles / 1 year what ever comes first for - 1.5DCi, 1.2 8v & 16v, 1.4 16v, 1.6 16v 12k miles / 1 year what ever comes first for - 2.0 16v Clio 172 (inc. Cup), 182 (inc. cup & Trophy)

What is 12 percent of 172?

12 percent of 172 = 20.64 12% of 172 = 12% * 172 = 12%/100% * 172 = 0.12 * 172 = 20.64

25 percent of 172?

25% of 172= 25% * 172= 0.25 * 172= 43

Where is the fuel filter on a clio 172 sport?

It is under the car near drivers side rear wheel. It will look like a small ish silver cylinder with two pipes either side. regards James.

What accessories are available for a Clio Sport 172?

Some of the accessories available for the Cilo Sport 172 include matched inlets and a v6 airbox. Remapping the 98 RON allows for significant performance boosts as well. Personal taste and style play a major role however. You can find more information on accessories from your local dealership.