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How can you clean-flush your heater core Audi A4 2001?

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February 28, 2007 1:39PM

You can take your car down to you local garage and get him to

acid flush the entire system or just the heater core. Like me you

might find this does nothing to the blockage. Here's what I did and

it worked. Remove the inlet hoses to the heater core at the

bulkhead manifold (take care with the coolant spillage). The left

hose is the return, it has a small hole in the top for air purge.

Attach 2 utility hoses to the inlet, let the right one run to the

ground and put a funnel in the left one (return side). Boil 3

gallons of water. Add water slowly into the funnel. While adding

water add 1 teaspoon of Oxyclean for every couple of cups of water.

Keep doing this until the solution has been passed through the

heater core. Flush through with clean water (use garden hose for

some pressure) for a good period to remove all solution deposits.

Re-attach the cooling lines to the inlet manifold. Start the engine

have the revs up at around 2000rpm, put the heater on full blast.

Bleed air from the return line (just pull the return line off a

little so that air can excape from the small hole) this may take 10

minutes so be patient. You are done. Re-attach and clamp the hoses,

you should have, like me a clear heater core. Oxyclean is a laundry

product and should not damage your heater core (no promises though)

It works by decaying organic materials.

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