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How can you clean your PC from virus?


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2008-09-05 13:40:06
2008-09-05 13:40:06

If you are aware your PC is infected you probably need to call in a professional.


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Antivirus programs clean them by them self, just run a scan and it should clean it automatically.

Kick the virus... use a petrol burn it, so you can reinstall your windows again.

when you download a file that has a virus

The best way is scanning your PC with an antivirus and removing the virus.

No. I can assure you that does NOT give your pc a virus. i always play that game and my computer never had a virus.

check ur internet proxy settings , u may have virus , scan ur pc, clean up internet cache, clean registry , clean history

If you downloaded it legally, no. If you have a virus, please scan your PC with a reputable Anti-virus program ASAP

you can remove virus with help of antivirus software OR you can instal new window in your pc

Registry cleaner is accommodating if you want to boost up your PC. It will help when it comes to keeping it clean. Having a virus scanner will help, too.

it seems VERY Malicious to me, However, I would get A good clean known Microsoft AntiVirus to make sure

If you download many PC games then you could get a virus from it. Just scan your virus program every time you download anything.

Norton should be able to remove it from your pc.

go to your settings and click blank virus on the first page, then that will remove the black virus off windows 7 PC

No it does not have a virus because it comes from a safe company so it has no virus

autorun.inf virus and PC shutdown command

A PC virus reaches your computer/PC from the world wide web. A virus can be accumulated from various sites such as : xxx sites(Pornography), proxy, and even email.

Because your PC probably has a virus> :)

No, Pinnacle Video Editor is not a virus. If it registers as a virus on your PC, just proceed with the installation.

Install virus protection. If not, take your computer to a specialist, who will "wipe it clean " and then you can install virus protection. That's what I had to do.

You don't download a virus to "clean" a laptop or any other computer. To properly clean it you simply reformat it

I think Avast is best Virus remove sofware.

bloodhounsd virus' are a wideranging topic:

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