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How can you conserve forest and wildlife?

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2014-08-30 14:11:55

  • If you want to help save rainforest then don't eat fast food /

    buy cheap foreign beef.

  • The rainforest is being destroyed in South America to make way

    for grazing to produce cheap beef.

  • Check the products you buy to see if they contain palm oil (the

    forests are being cut down in places like Borneo to make way for

    this, endangering the orangutans who may be gone in 5 years).

  • Make sure you buy paper, cards, etc that carry the FSC mark so

    you know they are from sustainable sources.

  • Don't buy furniture made of mahogany or teak. try and avoid

    pollution and try not to buy furniture made of mahogany and teak as

    they make up most of forests.

  • The government should not let polluting industries and

    factories to be put up near forests.

  • WE SHOULD GROW PLANTS AND TREES to prevent the decrease of


  • To help save wildlife people should not be allowed to kill

    other animals and as we know the government is taking measures to

    stop this by building national parks and wildlife sanctuaries where

    cutting down of trees and poaching of animals and wildlife is not


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