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  • If you want to help save rainforest then don't eat fast food / buy cheap foreign beef.
  • The rainforest is being destroyed in South America to make way for grazing to produce cheap beef.
  • Check the products you buy to see if they contain palm oil (the forests are being cut down in places like Borneo to make way for this, endangering the orangutans who may be gone in 5 years).
  • Make sure you buy paper, cards, etc that carry the FSC mark so you know they are from sustainable sources.
  • Don't buy furniture made of mahogany or teak. try and avoid pollution and try not to buy furniture made of mahogany and teak as they make up most of forests.
  • The government should not let polluting industries and factories to be put up near forests.
  • WE SHOULD GROW PLANTS AND TREES to prevent the decrease of forests.
  • To help save wildlife people should not be allowed to kill other animals and as we know the government is taking measures to stop this by building national parks and wildlife sanctuaries where cutting down of trees and poaching of animals and wildlife is not allowed.
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Q: How can you conserve forest and wildlife?
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What are some catchy slogans to conserve wildlife?

" Saaaaaave wildlife, Saaaaaaave Wildlife, Saaaaaaave Wildlife." " One Tree Can Start A Forest, Plant One Today"

Why should you conserve wildlife?

Why should you conserve wildlife?

How do you conserve forests and wildlife?

Don't cut down trees or burn stuff in the forest

Steps by government to conserve forest and wildlife in India?

The government has strict measures for punishing poachers. They also have the Indian Forest Act, and five five-year plans that outline how they are going to conserve the environment.

Why conserve wildlife?

There are various reasons that it is important to conserve wildlife. For example, extinction can have a massive effect on the ecosystem.

How do you conserve wildlife?

Conserving wildlife is important to help maintain the wildlife population and the health of Earth. A person can conserve wildlife by not littering, pollution or over hunting animals or their homes.

Measures to conserve forest and wildlife?

The conservation of forest and wildlife is essential to sustain life on earth. Some methods of conservation are: plant more trees, stringent rules and heavy penalties for illegal cutters and poachers and raising awareness.

What do we need to conserve in wildlife?


What are steps taken to conserve wildlife?

CITES is an international organisation that has the aim to conserve wildlife by building sanctuaries parks and plant more and more trees so that it reduces pollution . you can also conserve wildlife by planting trees near your houses and in schools ......... there are festivals of nature like vanmahotsava............ we should celebrate these festivals and conserve our wildlife..

Why do you need to conserve forest?

If we don't, wildlife will die sooner, there will be less oxygen and more CO2 which means the ice cap will melt quicker.

Give the ways to conserve natural vegetation and wildlife?


What can you do conserve wildlife?

we can conserve wildlife by opening wildlife sanctuaries,national parks. Some projects were also started like project tiger in order to protect tiger species.

Why did people develop forestry?

To conserve wildlife.

Steps taken to conserve wildlife in India?

One of the steps taken to conserve wildlife is creation of awareness throughout the country. The government also enforces strict laws aimed at protecting wildlife.

How do forest conserve water?

Forest conserve water because it's only circling tru the clouds

What is the role of wildlife sanctuaries?

Wildlife sanctuaries are here to protect and conserve wildlife,witch most of the time is endangered

What do you call a guy who forest explorer or wildlife?

* forest ranger * wildlife ranger

How to conserve the wild life for students?

* students should put up posters on to conserve wildlife

What happens if we don't conserve?

What will happen if we don't conserve you ask? well if we dont conserve then we wont have Energy, Water,Wildlife and more!

What is the need to conserve wildlife?

primarily to prevent extinction

Slogan on conservation of forest and wildlife?

save the wildlife and forest tocherish or leave it to perish

What is role of people in wildlife conservation?

ROLE OF PEOPLE*People should know how to conserve wildlife

How can you conserve the forest ecosystem?


What is a Sentence for the word conserve?

It is our responsibility to conserve and protect the planet's wildlife. The town decided to conserve water by restricting the watering of lawns. When swimming for long distances, you must conserve your energy.

Slogan on forest conservation?

conserve forest as it only gives you oxygen!