Water Pollution

How can you contaminate the water?

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feaces and also urine can contaminate water,

If it is open, the acid will contaminate it.

I can give you several sentences.The pollution will contaminate that water!Don't contaminate the salsa by double-dipping.The evil scientist plans to contaminate the ocean.

I told Jimmy that pouring oil in the water would contaminate it but he didn't listen.

Sewage from cities continues to contaminate areas of the Great Lakes. Fishermen feared that oil from the spill would contaminate seafood in the area. Exposure to radioactive water can contaminate equipment in a nuclear reactor.

Officials worried that leaking chemicals would contaminate local drinking water supplies. Fallout from a nuclear explosion can contaminate nearby ships with radioactive dust.

Just stating "contaminated" tells us nothing. What the water is contaminated with will determine the pH level - contaminate the water with an acidic substance and the pH will be higher than if you contaminate ith with an alkali.

Floodwaters allow sewage to mix with drinking water.

Uncontrolled industrial wastes can contaminate the water system.

Cross, as in cross contaminate.

It affects because it causes Acidic rain and acidic rain contaminate the water.

it should not be in water with any other food (because it may contaminate with salmonella)

It depends on the purity that you are looking for.

Yes, it will eventually contaminate the water supply.

Water should not be mixed with oil. If an ounce of oil into the water will be contaminated byoil.

Yes. Tsunamis can contaminate water for drinking and agriculture with seawater and with pollutants that get swept up in them.

That would depend on what contaminate was in the water. Certainly, dirty water carries disease, so don't drink it... and stay out of it.

no The young plants will not contaminate the compost the pesticides that contaminate must be applied after planting.

Yes, But unless it is cleaned very thoroughly it shouldn't be used for water again. Oil is very persistent and would contaminate the water.

Detectives wear gloves so as to not contaminate the evidence.

It doesn't. Breeding cattle has nothing to do with concerns of contamination of water. It's what comes out after the cattle eat that matters.

Because tap water contains minerals that will contaminate the battery electrolyte.

the sewage should be treated before discharging into the water bodies because it will contaminate the water and makes it unfit for consumption.

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