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How can you contro pollution by Eco Friendly Techniques?

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we should not use plastics. we should not pollute the rivers.

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What is Eco friendly gas?

Eco-friendly gas is any fuel which emits little to no pollution.

Why is using the hydroelectric power station Eco friendly?

they are eco friendly because no pollution is caused by them .

Why should someone buy an eco friendly automobile?

Someone should buy an eco friendly automobile because there is already enough pollution in the air. By buying an eco friendly automobile you are helping save the environment.

What is the most eco-friendly train?

The most eco - friendly train is the one that do not contribute pollution to the environment. A train runs by electricity is one.

Why do you have to be eco friendly?

Eco-friendly, Environmentally-friendly, or Going green is important to save the earth. When you say 'eco-friendly', you are referring to a large number of things you can do. Terracycling, recycling, reusing, reducing electricity usage.. It's all important to reduce pollution and protect the earth.

Is recycling the same as eco-friendly?

Generally recycling is eco friendly because rather then creating new material which more often the not requires the production of harmful materials you are reusing these and sparing the environment the extra pollution

Is electric heating eco-friendly?

"Well, it is more eco-friendly than burning wood and contributing to our global earth pollution. So I would encourage you to check it out. You can purchase electrical heating at Home Depot."

Why are LPG and biogas called clean fuels?

They cause less air pollution and are more eco- friendly.

Are eco friendly lights really eco friendly?

yes they are they have and eco-friendly gas that is in side of them they do not hurt the eco system in any way. thank you your friend boots936

Is Barnes and Noble nook eco friendly?

No electronics are eco-friendly.

What is the meaning of eco-friendly in marathi?


What are some advantages using solar power?

there is no pollution,free power do to no hastle solar panels and eco friendly.

how eco friendly is the production?

The product is made up of steel; therefore, the amount of pollution that goes into manufacturing will be considerable. I would contend that this is not a very eco friendly production through the very process that it requires to obtain the raw materials.

What will be a suitable jingle for jute bag?

jute is Eco friendly, friendly, friendly jute is Eco friendly my dear Friends

What is written on eco-friendly refrigerator?

What is written on eco-friendly refrigerator?

What is a eco friendly fiber?

fibres that have been spun from Eco friendly sauces :)

How is the iPhone 3g eco-friendly?

I don't think that iPone have any think eco-friendly, insted I know the Samsung Blue earth was made from eco-friendly materials

Why people should lose their jobs to the environment?

It can be eco-friendly and reduce pollution and also in certain circumstances can be replaced naturally.

What is inside a eco friendly house?

an eco friendly house is all about helping the enviourment. a eco friendly house normally has solar panels and wind turbine's.

What is eco friendly?

Eco-friendly refers to living in a way that is less harmful to the environment and more friendly to the environment.

Are laundry detergents eco-friendly?

All laundry detergents are not eco friendly. Eco-Friendly usually contain natural ingredients. The harmful laundry detergents contain bleach or phenol.

Is a bike more eco friendly than a skateboard?

a skateboard is less eco friendly because it use trees to make a skateboard there for the bike is more eco friendly

How can you make your home decor more eco friendly?

The best way to be eco friendly at home is to make sure that the products you use for utility and home décor purposes are made of eco friendly materials. By far the most eco friendly Indian techniques for making home décor products are bamboo work, papier mache and recycling. Almost every household and aesthetic need can be fulfilled using products made from these materials. ArtisanGilt is a good website for this kind of information. It has interesting blogs, etc. dealing with the idea of eco-friendly art forms as well as an online store with many eco friendly home décor products.

What are enviromental impacts of solar energy?

by this we can control the excessive use of electricity & natural gas. As it is Eco-friendly it do not cause any pollution

How do you stop pollution by simple steps?

•Recycle •Use eco-friendly products •Don't litter •Learn more •Speak up