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  1. * A Computer with sound
  2. * A 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo audio cable
  3. * Audacity Audio program (FREE)
  4. * Lame MP3 encoder (FREE)
  5. * Cassette player
  6. * Cassette Tape

I found a very useful step-by-step guide on how and where to install audacity and lame. how to connect the cassette player to the computer and tips on how to record the audio. there are even pictures to explain everything better.

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Q: How can you convert audio cassette tapes to digital files?
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Audio Converter Extractor Max is an easy to use tool to convert audio files to various audio formats and extract audio from video files to various audio formats. The program can also rip audio CD tracks to the supported formats.

How can I convert audio files to various audio formats with one program?

Download a free audio converter online. Most will allow you to convert several files at the same time.

How would someone copy a cassette to a CD?

To copy a cassette to a CD requires either an audio recorder or computer with an audio input and CD burner. To use an audio recorder, connect your source cassette player to the device and place a blank writeable CD into the device. To use a computer, connect your source cassette player to the line in jack on the audio card and run audio recording software while the cassette is playing. Burn the audio files using the CD writer.

How do you convert amr audio files to mp3?

In order to convert AMR files to MP3 files, you will need to purchase an audio converter. There are several free ones online and available for download.

How do you get digital audio tape to CD?

- get a cassette player that plays the audio tape- route the output of the cassette player to your computer sound card- record the incoming audio with a recording software like Audacity or Reaper- save the audio as MP3 files and burn it to CD with a CD-burner software- You May Want To Remove The Noise In The Tracks, This Can Be Done With Audacity

How can I convert my audio files to many audio formats?

Download and install a free audio converter.

Is there a free software to convert audio files to various audio formats?


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How do yo change a music file type?

Use your audio editor and choose Save As. You can convert audio files into other forms, but MIDI files cannot be converted to audio files.

What is audio software?

Audio software is software designed for working, in some way, with sound files. Examples of audio software include software that allows you to accomplish digital audio extraction (DAE) on Audio CDs, software which allows you to edit sound files to remove pops and clicks, software which allows you to play sound files on your computer speakers, and software which allows you to convert sound files from one format (e.g. WAV or AIFF) to another (e.g. MP3 or FLAC). Generally, audio software is for working with sound files on a computer.

What audio file type does Verizon use?

When I took audio files off my Verizon phone, they were QCP files. [aka useless files that are impossible to convert on your computer]

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Audiobooks can come as CDs, cassette tapes, or as downloadable digital files (usually mp3).

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There isn't really a difference, rather, MP3 is a digital form of audio. Technically, an MP3 is the standard way of compressing of audio into smaller, more manageable digital files for the computer.

How do you get your computer to recognize OMA files?

These are Sony ATRAC3 audio files. You will need Sonicstage software to convert the files to other formats.

Where can I find information on how to convert my mp4 files to mp3 files? There, follow the instructions and convert it. Or you could look at some programs.

How do you convert mp3 files into mpeg4 files for files such as films?

mp3 files are usually audio files which means they can not be converted into videos. LOL. Films do not come in mp3 formats.

Can you put songs from your own CDs on an MP3 or do you have to pay for the same music twice?

No, you can just copy the audio files onto the MP3. You may have to convert the audio files though.

How do you remove drm from video or audio files and convert format?

=== === See Wikipedia article on Digital rights management and How to Remove DRM from WMA: Legal & Technical Issues - refer to links

What does a VOB typically contain?

The acronym VOB stands for Video Objects. A VOB typically contains MPEG video and AC-3 audio or other audio files. In general VOB contains digital video, digital audio and subtitles.

How do you convert flv files to audio mpeg?

Download Fox-tab Music Converter.

How does a digital voice recorder work?

A digital voice recorder works by capturing analog audio through a microphone and storing it in digital files. Some digital voice recorders are voice operated.

What is a USB turntable used for?

A USB turntable is a device that helps convert records into digital files. The turntable connects via USB to the computer and plays the record while recording the music or audio digitally.

How can one convert old films to digital files?

Old films can easily be converted to digital files by using a digital media converter. These can be downloaded from deskshare or gold-software for free or a small licensing fee.

How do you convert audio files to 8-bit music?

You can load the audio file into a program like Audacity, and then Export them choosing the 8-bit resolution. Because of the low quality of these recordings, most programs will not record at this depth, you must convert the files afterwards.