How can you convince your parents to move to another country I'm thirteen and really really want to move to Ireland but my parents wont let me how can i convince them to let us move?

You would have to see to it that they have equal or better jobs/careers waiting for them there, equal or better housing, and that a move could fit into your family budget along with the positives of why moving there would be good, such as learning and growing in new ways, learning a new culture, etc. But you would also have to give them reasons why the cultural changes would be worth the stress, cost, and total life change of moving to another country.

It is very difficult to move. It is more so if you are moving to a different country where customs, laws, languages, cultures, jobs, schools and every day social life is completely different. If you can learn all you can and help your parents get what they would need in such a move, and show them how seriously you want this, then you might stand a chance at achieving it. Good luck.

If you're talking about moving away with someone, a friend or boy/girlfriend, without your parents, then they, as your parents, are choosing to do what they feel is best for you and can't help guide you on a path to the adult you will become if they let you move away unsupervised so young. If you truly want to move on your own or with a friend or boy/girlfriend, then the best thing to do would be to study hard, work hard, and when you are eighteen, go for it. Or if you can convince them you will have adult supervision and guidance while there and be looked after by someone mature, responsible who makes wise decisions, then you might stand a chance at going sooner.