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How can you cure Infitaigo?

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You can cure infitiago by going to a doctor and getting steroid cream or an oral pill..

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What does infintigo look like?

Infitigo is also spelled like Infitaigo. Infitaigo as it's referred to, is a topical infection of the skin (hereditary in nature) that develops into puss-filled scabs, which eventually break open and result in open sores frequently. The condition can dry out surfaces of the skin indefinitely, wherein a white callous region can cover patches where sores have previously been most prevalent.

What is Infitaigo?

Well I personally have infitaigo and all I do is go to the doctors and get it checked up monthly.It bothers me ALOT!They bleed,make your skin look ugly,and just plain unwanted.That's really what infitaigo is. Infitaigo start out for as an itch below my nose. Then is gets red and swollen fast. Not to much but I can feel it. Then it starts to blow up like a water balloon. It is filled with some liquid. Then once u pop it or it dries up it goes into a scab that usually discharges some yellow puss. It hardens. Then it goes away after about a week or two. Its really embarrassing. What I do is take 2 pills of Lysine, I believe that's how it spelled and wash my fash once it starts to itch. This was the pills take care of ur inside and u take care of the outside. Then Some times i put that orange stuff that doctors put on u before surgery on it. That really helps it if i forget to take my Lysine. Well that's it.

Is infitaigo contagious?

Impetigo is a very contagious skin disease. It will clear up on it's own, but antibiotic treatment can clear it more quickly and reduce it's contagious ability.

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