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How can you delete personal files and programs on an old CPU so you can get rid of it?

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The easiest way would be to format the drive. If you want to leave the operating system intact but remove all personal data, then go in and uninstall all the programs you had installed through Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. Once you've uninstalled everything, you can then track down your personal files and delete them. Check in places such as "My Documents" and "Documents and Settings", or anywhere else you may recall saving files. Do not just go in and delete everything but the Windows folder, as many files vital to the system, such as sound and video drivers, may be contained in folders other than c:\Windows

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How can you improve my CPU usage percentage?

Please delete all the unwanted files

What are three things you can do to improve slow browser?

Clear cache memory delete temporary internet files and cookies decrease CPU usage

Before selling a home computer what things do you need to delete or change to protect your privacy from later owners and is there any way to wipe the memory clean so undelete programs do not work?

first you have to delete is ur personal info like D.O.B phone nember pin etc and make sure that you didn't tick the I.D or the Password save box. secondly delete or cut every picture which is personal to you or somebody else. thirdly delete ur personal document that might be a problem if someone else saw. finnaly if you still can't be sure of it cange the hard drive of the CPU if it is a laptop you should check the top thing 3 times very closely and use the find program in my documents and find every jpg, bitmap and any other picture files in your CPU.

What is the functions of the CPU?

The CPU gives out instructions to all programs on your computer.

How do you transfer old CPU files to new CPU?

You don't. The CPU is your processor. You can transfer files to a new HDD, one of the easiest ways is to slave up your old drive and copy everything over.

Will files become damaged if i accidentally apply power to the PC without the CPU in it?

Yes files will become damaged because files go through the CPU in order to be processed so that they can run.

Where does the CPU go?

In a typical personal computer, the CPU is attached to the motherboard.

When the CPU runs out of physical memory it uses page files on the hard drive?

Yes. The PageFile or SwapFile is a (hidden) file managed by Windows to store programs and files that can no longer remain in physical memory (RAM), because too many programs are already running in RAM. Windows essentially swaps programs between RAM and the SwapFile to keep itself and the other programs running.

What is the role of CPU within the computer?

The CPU gives out instructions to all programs on your computer.

Why is your CPU usages so high on my computer?

If you have a lot of icons on your desktop, your computer works harder to keep those all up and running. If you have a lot of songs that you have downloaded from a website or something and have them saved, you should try and filter out some things. Get ride of the programs that you don't use. Delete the files that you don't need anymore. Try not to run a lot of programs all at the same time....

What is coping files from CPU to CD called?


What is CPU overhead?

When CPU is used with full capacity, so the system slows down. (The answer may be incorrect, delete this if not.)

What does CPU do when no programs to run?

The CPU will always do processing. Even though there are no application programs running, the operating system is still running and the CPU will still have to process many system processes during the operation of the computer.

What tells the rest of the computer how to carry out a program's instructions?

the answer is the CPU ( central processing unit). if you open up a file the CPU retrieves the files from the hard drive and are temporarily sent to the RAM (random access memory) until you close it. the same process apply's for programs.

The CPU runs programs by receiving instructions from?


What is used to store programs and data in its electronic circuits during the execution of programs by the CPU?


How do you CPU works with ram?

To the memory , the CPU can read and write to directly, with individual instructions. The CPU calls instructions and data from the computer's memory.Because there are some programs and instructions which the computer needs and these programs often are permanently recorded in the memory(ram).

How can you make your Windows 7 laptop run faster?

Delete programs that you no longer use, scan for viruses and remove, clear out history files, remove any files that are no longer relevant. Once you've recovered as much space as you can on your disc, run your defrag program. This will get the remaining programs sorted more efficiently so that your CPU doesn't have to chase all over your hard drive to find all the bits and pieces. This should get you started in the right direction. Also do a weekly house cleaning on your computer to keep it running lean and mean.

Do you lose saved programs when changing CPU?

No. Changing a CPU is very similar to changing a ram chip, and neither should cause any loss of data or programs stored on the hard drive.

Why is it important for the scheduler to distinguish IO-bound programs from CPU-bound programs?

Any CPU will have an I/O which en ply external devices data transfers. The CPU internally will process data. While both are data bus they are definitely not the same

Two programs can literally multitask if a system has a single CPU?


Can Two programs literally multitask if a system has a single CPU?

No, they cannot.

Difference between io bound and CPU bound?

I/O-bound programs have the property of performing only a small amount of computation before performing IO. Such programs typically do not use up their entire CPU quantum. CPU-bound programs, on the other hand, use their entire quantum without performing any blocking IO operations. Consequently, one could make better use of the computer's resources by giving higher priority to I/O-bound programs and allow them to execute ahead of the CPU-bound programs.

Which CPU chips manufacture and family have dominated the personal computer in the last 5 years?

Which CPU chips (manufacturer and family) have dominated the personal computer market in the last 5 years?

How does the CPU interact with input devices?

CPU is the brain of the computer. If you want a input device (hard drive, USB) it processes it, and access all the files.