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Here are a couple of websites you might wish to try, they are known for supplying accurate information but are reluctant to make an official comment to an anyonmous query. However, they can probably tell you where to find the information you are seeking by doing your own research... and

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Q: How can you determine how your uncle earned his Bronze Star in Vietnam?
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Why isn't my uncle who died in Vietnam listed on Vietnam War memorial wall?

If your uncle was in the US Military (civilians are not listed on the wall); obtain documentation and contact the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall office.

Who unified Vietnam?

North Vietnam headed by their government party (Uncle Ho died in '69).

Your uncle was just elected mayor of his hometown.?

earned status A+

Bronze star iwo jima?

My uncle received the Bronze Star for Iwo Jima. I have pictures of him receiving the medal and newspaper clippings reporting the event.

On South Park which war was Stan's uncle's buddy in?

Vietnam War

Was the USS constitution ever in Vietnam?

Yes she was in Vietnam in the 1960s. Precisely she was in the Tonka Bay incident. My Uncle John, who was one of her engineers served on her at that time.

Effect of US soldiers to Vietnam during Vietnam war?

Draftees served their two years for Uncle Sam; one year tour in Vietnam, then went home. Usually going to college on the GI bill.

In 1967 when uncle jimmy served in Vietnam what was Ho chi minh city called?


In the bronze bow who is the character Daniel?

the character Daniel is the main character he hates the Romans because they killed his father and uncle

Why was ho chi minh called uncle ho?

Since the US was fighting North Vietnam, and the US was referred to by the GIs as "Uncle Sam", "Uncle Ho" seemed fitting. Besides, it was alot easier to say, than Ho Chi Minh.

Who ran north Vietnam during the war?

Ho Chi Minh; known to everyone, GIs included as "Uncle Ho."

Is it possible for a great uncle and aunt to be tested to determine if a child is a relation?

Yes, there are DNA tests that can determine whether a great uncle, or a great aunt, is likely related to a particular child. DNA samples are needed from both the child and the adults whose relationship is to be assessed.

Why isn't my uncle who died in Vietnam War listed on Vietnam War memorial wall?

Civilian contractors, (any civilian) are not supposed to be listed on the wall. If he was a US serviceman, obtain his DD-214 (discharge certificate) or any other documentation showing that he was a US Serviceman and died in Vietnam, then contact the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall personnel.

What is a derogatory term for us military?

During the Vietnam War, it was the "OD" (Olive Drab) or the "Green Machine" or "Uncle Sam" or "Conscripted".

What country did ho chi minh lead?

Ho Chi Minh was the president of Vietnam from 1945 until 1955, when Vietnam was divided into North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh, known by the North Vietnamese people as "Uncle Ho" remained as president of North Vietnam until his death in 1969 while the U.S. "war in Vietnam" continued. He didn't live long enough to see his life-long dream come true with the defeat of South Vietnam and a unified country in 1975.

What do you call your mother's uncle's uncle?

Your mother's uncle is your great uncle. His uncle is your great great uncle.

Why did people to start to hated the Vietnam war?

After their father was killed there; or their brother was killed there; or their husband was killed there; or their uncle, or their cousin, or their friend, or neighbor...and especially if their son died there.

What country did oh chi minh?

"Uncle Ho", as many American GIs called him, was born & raised in what is today northern Vietnam; but during the war was called North Vietnam. He lived many years in Europe and was educated in Europe, adopting his communist ways (he modified them to fit his own nation) and taking it back to Indochina (the Vietnam portion).

What is the main idea of Uncle Tom's Cabin?

The main idea of the novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin, is earned freedom. When Tom dies, he died a devout Christian. The result of his death was that all slaves on the Shelby plantation in Kentucky(his old home) were set free.

What is the opposite gender of aunt?


What was the solution of sunrise over fallujah?

The resolution in the book Sunrise over Fallujah is when he writes to his uncle who served in Vietnam, and say that he know now why his uncle never spoke much of it. Because of what he saw, and Robin said he probably won't tell his kids what he went though in Iraq.

Can you call somebody an uncle if your uncle knows their uncle?

yes ! but not your uncle in text as such....

What is your son to your uncle?

Your son is your uncle's grandnephew. Your uncle is your son's great uncle.

Is your great grandfather's uncle your grand uncle?

The uncle of your great grandfather is your great-great-great uncle. Your great uncle (also called your grand uncle) is the brother of your grandparent and your parent's uncle.

Who is the brother of your uncle that is not your uncle?

The brother of your aunt's husband is not your uncle. Also the brother of your uncle who is not your uncle is your father.

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