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  1. Get Organized. Before you start on anything, you need to have a system. Have one Homework Notebook where you write down all your assignments - this way, you don't have to hunt around and wonder what your homework was. Also, have one of those calendars with big squares so you can write down all the stuff that is due on each day - keep this in the family room so that everyone can see what they have to do that day. Set a specific time every day for doing schoolwork - even if you don't have homework, use the time to study your textbook or notes.
  2. Listen to the directions that your teacher gives you. They should explain your homework.
  3. Cut out the distractions! Turn off the phone, music, internet -- yes, the internet! -- and TV. The only thing you should have "on" is your homework assignment.
  4. Pay attention to your work, if you fool around it will take longer. The more you practice, the faster you will be able to do it. With practice and by knowing short cut methods maths can be done really fast.
  5. Focus on just one problem at a time. Make sure you use any notes or papers your teacher may have provided to ensure proper work.
  6. Go on the internet and look up facts.
  7. Get a tutor
  8. Just get off wikipedia and do it.

For math, you can use a calculator to save the time of working on paper. Of course, if you are asked to show your work, just copy your problem and answer on paper.

Small print: but if your parents catch you doing this, you are in serious trouble.

  • Do your homework as soon as you get home from school and/or at school breaks and dinners
  • Do your homework before you do anything else that you want to do
  • Ask your teachers for an extended deadline and explain the situation.

I find that the best way to get your homework done well is to:

1) Relax. Stressing out will make your work sloppy and you will not get it done fast.

2) Turn on some soft music like Classical. It will soothe you and will help you work better.

3) Fill a glass with cool drinking water. If you are hydrated you will feel refreshed and ready to work.

4) Make sure you have everything you need at hand. If you have things like a sharpened pencil, researching books (if its that sort of project) and any supplies you might need, you will find it much easier to get your work done- and quickly.

5) Get rid of any distractions. Doing things like turning off the TV, putting everything away, and making sure you don't have anything else you would need to do (like using the washroom, for example) will help to have an undisturbed, easy-going work session.

If you can do all that, you will be finishing your homework fast yet efficiently.

OR: Get off of the internet and just do it.

OR: Get off of the internet and just do it.
There is no way you can do your homework fast unless you do it diligently. But you could try out some of this methods.

Method 1:

Find out the if is there any things that distract you which lead you unto doing your homework slow. If there is, find a solution to stop your problem.


Problem: The area you are studying at is too noisy.

Solution: Move to a quieter area to do your homework.

Method 2:

Try listing the homework you have down on a piece of paper. Then, write the amount of time you think you can take to finish your homework. Set it as your target and try reaching it. The next time you used this method again, shortened the amount of time you took the previous time you try using this method. This may help you to do it much more faster.

Method 3:

Make a timetable. You may include your bathing time, playing time, but most importantly, you must remember to include your HOMEWORK TIME.

First of all, listen to what your teacher is explaining and look at the board, notes, or your books for reference. If you have a subject you struggle with, ask someone older than you what's confusing you. If that doesn't help, let's say your stuck on number 3 on math. JUST Google IT! Google will give you tons of answers. To get the fastest way, when you get home try and if it is too stressing... just watch some tv or text your friends. When you get things off your mind, try again.

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Q: How can you do your homework more efficiently?
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