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You cannot downgrade an operating system. You will have to nuke the hard drive and reload from the beginning. This is a tough one to do because you have to back-up everything you want to keep and make sure you have all the drivers for everything in your computer. XP has most of the drivers for common add-ons and if it is the Disk that came with your computer originally then it will likely have everything you need. I have done this before. It is not fun but it definitely gives you a nice fresh clean start. Note: You can downgrade but then after using VM ware software. just minimize windows server opreting system and start XP.

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โˆ™ 2009-04-13 12:34:46
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Q: How can you downgrade a computer running Windows Server 2003 Standard back to Windows XP?
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Can you install windows XP with Windows Vista in same computer?

You DO NOT have to wipe your hard drive or "downgrade" to run windows XP on a vista computer. Download and install Microsoft Virtual PC. its free and will allow you to run another operating system in a window of the current one you are running. You can have both!

How do you downgrade from Windows 7 to Windows XP?

You would need to buy Windows XP and install it on your hard drive to replace Windows 7. However there are programs that can run a simulator of XP while running Windows 7.

Can you install the Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade from Windows XP?

Yes, but it is highly not recommended as if you are running XP your computer will not be powerful enough to run Windows Vista Home basic or ultimate if you do install you could end up doing serious damage to your computer and may struggle to downgrade back to XP as your computer probably won't be able to start up. Note: If you computer has a label on it "Windows Vista Compatiable" your computer is likely still not to be powerful enough. You should run Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor from to find out whether you computer is powerful enough.

What the difference between your computer and windows explorer?

A computer is a device, and Windows Explorer is an application running on that device.

To function as a server a computer must be running a?

To function as a server a computer must be running as a WINDOWS based server i.e windows 2000, windows NT, windows 2k3, windows 2k8 editions of server installed on computer the server could be Linux based as well.

What is win dow's?

Windows is the operating system on a Microsoft computer or an Apple computer running windows drivers. Without windows your computer would not work.

My version of windows is 5.1 when i bought my computer. Can I assume I am running the most current windows?


What can't you do on a MacBook Pro that you can do on a windows computer?

You can't get a virus on a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X whereas it is easy to get a virus on a computer running the Windows operating system.

How do you install Windows Vista on a computer that has windows xp?

You should buy an upgrade version of Windows Vista however your computer if running XP is likely not to be powerful enough to run windows vista. You should run Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor before upgrading as this will show you any problems your computer may have running Vista.

What utility do you use to migrate a computer running windows xp to windows 7?

upgrade advisor

How does one find information on how to reboot a computer that is running the Windows 8 operating system?

You can find information on how to reboot a computer that is running the Windows 8 OS online at the official Windows Microsoft website. You can also read the manual that came with the Windows 8 OS disc.

Where could one purchase a desktop computer running Windows Vista?

You can purchase a desktop computer running the Windows Vista from your local computing store. Failing that you can try online sites such as Amazon or eBay.

When was the windows computer invented?

The IBM PC already existed, running MSDOS, before Windows was added on.

What is one disadvantage of using an apple computer instead of a PC?

limited availability of various applications and software.Many programs are written for Windows. You can't run Windows programs on a Mac unless you downgrade your Mac by installing the Windows operating system on your Mac then you can run software for either system. One of the disadvantages of running Windows on a Mac is that you are liable to be affected by the plethora of viruses and malware that exploits the shortcomings of the Windows system.

How do you find out if a computer is running Windows XP or vista?

its pretty obvious

When will a computer running Windows PE will automatically reboot after?

72 hours

Can TurboYourPC speedup my computer running Windows 10?

Seems like a trojan virus

Is a PC the same as a Mac?

No, a PC refers to a personal computer usually running Microsoft Windows OS. A Mac is an Apple computer running Apple software.

What is a computer error?

A computer error is a problem your computer experience is running files and processing information. Errors are commonly caused by corrupted files in the computer registry. Running a registry cleaner for Windows registry repair will help prevent errors and keep your computer running fast.

Are videos from Mac compatible with windows?

Macs can export video in a variety of formats. If a computer running Windows can import and use the video it will be compatible. Sticking with a standard MP4 (H.264) format should ensure compatibility between the two.

To have a print server on your network do you have to have a computer running one of the windows server products?


What is the local user with the most authority on a computer running Windows XP?


Can anyone help with Toshiba Satellite 2805-S201 running Windows ME?

You will need to be a lot more specific about what problems you are having with your computer. Thousands of things can go wrong on a computer, especially one running Windows ME (which is notoriously buggy).

Can you download bitcomet on an iPod?

Bitcomet is software that requires a computer running the Windows operating system. An iPod is neither a computer nor does it run the Windows operating system.

Can you install Windows 98 on a computer running Windows XP?

Possibly, but not usually. Windows XP was distributed for far longer than Windows 98, and a lot of hardware that is compatible with Windows XP isn't compatible with Windows 98. The newer the computer, the less likely it will work with Windows 98.

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