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First, you need to identify your insecurities. Second, you should see a councellor if your problems are causing marital distress. A 3rd party who is completely unbiased is the best person to handle these situations. Talking to your spouse about your insecurities is an emotional dump on that person, they are not qualified to help you and it makes things worse. They don't need that weight on their shoulders so this is where a therapist comes in. Many insurance plans cover mental health.

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Q: How can you eliminate your insecurities because they are causing problems in your marriage?
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The reason most couples with problem marriages cannot save their marriage without professional help is because neither can 'see the forest for the trees' which means they are too involved in the problems to realize what they are and that is why a marriage counselor is needed because he/she will help you sort out problems in the marriage as well as tools to strengthen the marriage by learning good communication skills.

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You should seriously think about marriage counseling. If not that, maybe induvidual counseling for yourselves. Seems you both have issues that need to be resolved within yourselves. There is no way you can live comfortably with each other with these issues.

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