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Dental care abroad If you go abroad for dental care: -- Check with the appropriate government agency in the destination country about its national dentistry guidelines. -- Find out what recourse is available if something goes wrong. -- At the dental office, look for infection-control procedures, including instrument sterilization and use of protective gloves, mask and eyewear. -- A traveler's guide to dental care is available through the Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures at Source: American Dental Association. Why is dental cheaper in Mexico? - lower operating costs, dentists are not required have malpractice insurance, dentists are less advanced and use less expensive technology and infection control procedures. Dental treatment performed abroad although less expensive, also carries an increased number of associated complications and risks. Travel, Dental Care and Dental Tourism There is a growing phenomena called "Dental Tourism" in which people travel to a destination that offers less expensive dental care. The decision to visit another country for dental care should go beyond simply comparing prices or even evaluating the dentists' expertise. Countries differ in their standards for infection control and safety. The use of fresh gloves, sterile instruments and safe water are not standard practice in all countries. Without these precautions, patients could be infected with diseases such as hepatitis B. Before considering such trips, it is important to be prepared by using information such as that contained in OSAP's Traveler's Guide. Additional information may be obtained at, and

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Q: How can you find a dentist in Juarez that deals with occlusal problems?
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