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How can you find a good dentist for implants in Tijuana Mexico?

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Travel, Dental Care and Dental Tourism There is a growing phenomena called "Dental Tourism" in which people travel to a destination that offers less expensive dental care. The decision to visit Another Country for dental care should go beyond simply comparing prices or even evaluating the dentists' expertise. Countries differ in their standards for infection control and safety. The use of fresh gloves, sterile instruments and safe water are not standard practice in all countries. Without these precautions, patients could be infected with diseases such as hepatitis B. Before considering such trips, it is important to be prepared by using information such as that contained in OSAP's Traveler's Guide. Additional information may be obtained at, and There are many options for finding a good dentist in Tijuana. Many patients prefer to see a dentist in Tijuana because of the lower fees for treatment and because of the greater time spent with the dentist as opposed to the dental assistants. When searching for a dentist in Tijuana, you should research several and ask them for references. If they are established, quality dentists they should be willing to provide you with the names and contact information for previous patients who will tell you about their experiences. Go to Mexico's largest dental directory at and search for a dentist, all dentists are fully licensed and governed by the country of Mexico If you want to receive the best, plus a chicken, and financially not perfect but needs emergency implants., Do what I did. I went to Trust dental Care for 7 implants. In Denver, the implant doc was crook. Why? because Actually he is a regular dentist but got 3 days course and one night became Implant dentist. People watch out, there are so many implant dentist in market but actually they have no idea what are they doing!!! You have to get Maxilofacial surgeon, ONLY. Also, implant brand name is so important. They even use cheap plastic implant!! Yeah, I shocked too. He told me that I need bone graft that no US dentist told me before. He shoved me on the computer why I need, how is going happen, if not how implant fail? I went through perfectly and happy now. I do not know what I should celebrate; saved lots of or not go with crook US general ''implant '' dentist or had a dream of dreams dental service. I suggest everybody be careful, implant is not a game serious operation and you should find serious clinic.

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How can you find a dentist in Oxaca Mexico that does implants and has good recommendations?

By asking the health ministry

How can you find a dentist that specializes in implants?

To find a dentist that specializes in implants you can ask your doctor for a referral. You can also go to Dentistry Implant Directory where you can find local dentists.

What do you do when endosteal dental implants wear out?

You will need to see a dentist when your endostral dental implants wear out. Your dentist will either replace the implants or find another alternative that better suits you and your needs.

where can i find a good drug rehab center in tijuana mexico?

You can try They are a great rehab center in Tijuana Mexico.

How much are vampire teeth implants?

First find a dentist willing to do that.

Where do you find a list of accredited dentists in tijuana Mexico who are members of Ada?

Just go to, click on Find a Dentist, accept the disclaimer, and you will get to a page where you select the kind of Dentist, Choose All types of dentistry on step one, Type Tijuana on the City box on step two, leave step three blank to get the full list, Check the "Yes" box on "Are you looking for an ADA member dentist located outside the U.S.?, Click Search button and you will get a list of ADA Dentists in Tijuana

Where to find a chase bank in tijuana?

There is not a Chase Bank nowhere in Tijuana and that is per Chase. The only Chase in Mexico is in Mexico City. The closet to get to Tijuana if you can cross into the USA, is in San Ysidro California.

What is the procedure for getting dental implants?

This question depends on whether one is talking about the medical procedure for getting dental implants or the procedure of finding a dentist that does dental implants. To find a reputable dentist who undertakes dental implants try to get recommendations from people who have had implants before. Try to find out the reputation of the dental surgeon you are to be dealing with and what the procedure will be if anything goes wrong. Be aware of the cost relating to both the dental implants and the care and aftercare involved. Physically, the procedure for getting implants is straightforward (if painful) these days. The dentist will screw titanium screws into the jaw at the point at which the toot is missing. These will take the dental implant.

Where can I find out more information about dental implants?

WebMD has a good article that covers the basics on dental implants:, but talk to your dentist for more detailed information.

Where can one find a reputable dentist who specializes in dental implants?

That depends on what area of the country you live in. I would look in your local phone book, and after you find a dentist, you can check out their reviews on the Better Business Bureau. You will need a cosmetic dentist.

Dr mendoza tijuana Mexico?

No. It is a pretty large city to find someone by name only.

What cities are nearest Tijuana Mexico?

San Diego CA. a map of California will help you find out

How many hours would it take to fly Vancouver BC to Tijuana Mexico?

The flight time from Vancouver International Airport to Tijuana, Mexico is:2 hours, 23 minutesThats if you could find an airline that goes direct...

Is Kelly McIlrath living in tijuana Mexico?

No. It is a pretty large city to find someone by name only.

Find Yellow pages tijuana Mexico?

i need to put a notice in a news paper in t.j im trying to find someone that was deported. to tijuana but i dont know tha exact date can someone help me.

Is there a warranty on dental implants?

Dentists do not typically provide an express warranty on the work they provide, but a prudent dentist will nonetheless stand behind their work. Currently, dental implants typically enjoy a success rate in excess of 95%. If you are concerned, just say to your dentist "This is a lot of money, doc. What will you do if the implant fails?" If you don't like the answer, find yourself another dentist.

How do you find a good dentist in Mexico across the river from Yuma?

I can't recommend a dentist in that area but have been using a dentist in Progreso for a couple of years and am quite happy with the care I have recieved.....and any US dentist is going to kick a fit when you say mexico....the US dentists are losing billions of dollars because of the cheaper prices in Mexico. All of my bad dental experiences have been in the US...not in Mexico. The only thing I will say about using a Mexican Dentist is to get your price agreed upon first

Where is the cheapest Dental Implants?

Contact the state health department in the state that you reside in, they can refer you To find the cheapest dental implants, you probably want to find an inexperienced dentist who needs to practice placing implants. He may even give you the implants at his cost. Check out your closest local dental school. You may find a break in costs there. You may be interested in meeting my friend who sells discounted parachutes. Many are refurbished after just one jump. He sells them real cheap.

How can you find a great dentist periodontist in Puerta Vallarta Mexico?

search in the Internet or ask someone that you know.

Where can you find a dentist in camberwell?

Where can i find a dentist in camberwell

Where would I find a shantytown in Mexico?

Most border cities (Tijuana, Juarez) have them. Also, some of the largest cities have one or more shantytowns, such as Mexico City and Guadalajara. One of the largest in Mexico - and apparently, in the world - is Ciudad Netzahalcoyotl, on the outskirts of Mexico City.

Find free dental implants because of low income?

Finding someone who will place free implants is highly unlikely. Implants are state-of-the-art dentistry. The implants themselves cost the dentist over $300. Then there is the lab fee to manufacture the crown that fits on top of the implant. That's another few hundred dollars. Then there is the dentists time and office overhead, staff salaries, etc. No, you probably will not find too many dentists who are willing to perform cutting edge dentistry for free.

What can you do about your dentist overbilling?

Find a new dentist.

where can i find a dentist that takes medicaid, in tupelo ms?

where can i find a dentist that takes medicaid, in tupelo ms

Where can you find a good dentist for implants in Mexico who is not too expensive?

If one decides to go to overseas for a major dental treatment, a trusted resource in medical travel like PlacidWay can provide information on quality facilities in popular medical travel destinations as well as the cost of treatment, especially in Mexico. Their website helps you track down average dental costs for a wide variety of treatments in different countries. They will provide advice on clinics regarding their success rates and qualifications for treatment and whether they are accredited by organisations. There are good dentists right across the border in Mexico that cater almost exclusively to Americans. But it is also important to do your homework first and a find a dentist that has been recommended by others and by a trusted medical tourism provider. You may find the list of their dental implant packages in Mexico on this page:,Dental_Implants,Dentistry/search.html