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How can you find a job on Alaskan fishing boats?

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How can you get a job on a fishing boat?

Personally I will not recommend you to do this work because it is very dangerous work. But if you still want to work on a fishing boat then several boats conduct interviews you can contact them to hire you if you are selected then they will include you in their fishing team.

Can you find a job in Alaska?

You can find a job in Alaska in the oil and fishing industry. There are also many jobs in the tourism industry at hotels and on cruise ships.

What jobs are in Finland?

fishing is the main job in finland . but there are some odd jobs to do . if we search we can find them

How doe Alaska make its money?

Through fishing since Alaska has many commercial fishing industries. And if you have will and persistence, you can find a good job and make money.

What is the most popular job in Norway?


Commercial fishing jobs what companies are there to find a job in Seattle?

Getting a job out of Seattle can be tricky... a friend of mine was stuck there a month and didn't find a job. He ended up getting a job through and highly recommended the site. He had looked at some other web sites but most of them just offered factory (fish processing plant) jobs. I have been fishing a while now and know that captains don't hire people from job service companies- you have to know where and when to go look for a job, which is what the site does for you.

What is the best job for mechanical engineer?

Fishing in river

Can a 15 Year old do Some job With Boats?

yes they can

What is the most common job in new jersey?

Fishing. Pretty much all of New England has lots of fishing.

What is the current state of the Alaskan job market and why?

The Alaska job market is very stable. In fact it is one of the best job markets out there. This is due to the fact that most of the employment is in the government.

What do tugboats do?

Tug boats are boats that are very maneuverable and have a lot of torque their job is to position ships in harbors and tow them if they are broken down.

What is the most deadliest catch in the world?

Well the Deadliest Catch television show states that Alaskan crab fishing has the most inherent danger when accepting the job. Although going off the novel The Most Dangerous Game it could be considered that man is the most deadliest catch.

How do you say fishing in Polish?

As a hobby -> "Wędkarstwo"; As a job -> "Rybactwo".

How did Brian make his fishing spear IN HATCHET?

How did brian make his fishing spear? Why didn't work for him? Do you think he dida good job?

What are people's occupations Marine West Coast?

they were fishing and loving their job.

What are the most popular jobs in Alaska?

the most poular job is fishing

What economy job is in the northeast region?

fishing,farming,mining,and manufacturing

What was the job description of a boatman in mesopotamia?

A boatman is someone who rents out and/or works on boats.

How can one apply for a job in commercial fishing?

One must usually apply for commercial fishing jobs in person. Most fishing vessels are run by owner-operators, not large corporations, so one must speak with the captain personally to apply for a job. A complicating factor is that good boat captains do not usually have many openings, so one should attempt to inquire why previous crew members have left the boats. One strategy that could be used to help one's chances is to take a job on the docks or unloading catches, which would allow one to become known to boat crews and captains, and boost one's chances in applying or being approached about job openings.

What is one job in the fishing industry other than fishing?

Environmental Agent, Monitoring water quality, pollution and disease. Bailiff also.

How does a fishing reel make the job of fishing easier?

casting distance the farther from the fish the less likely it will detect also has a drag so you can fight the fishing without breaking the line .

Why is fishing considered a lifetime activity?

it is a job,and is for all ages you cant get sick of it

What are some job opportunities in the Georgia colony?

farming fishing mining etc...

What job makes good money without the degree?

fishing,stitching the clothes

How do you find your dog a job?

You can advertise your dog's abilities in your local newspaper wantads under "miscellaneous". Or, if your dog is a good hunting dog, place an ad in the "hunting and fishing" column.