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How can you find a lesbian that is willing to have an affair with a straight man?


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You can't; the definition of a lesbian is a women who is into women exclusively. You might be able to find a bisexual but a lesbian never would.


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If a lesbian asks you why you like girls she is fishing around to find out if you have lesbian tendencies. If you are not a lesbian simply tell her that you like girls only on a friendship basis and you are straight.

Straight girls and guys are the majority then gay then bisexual. straight girls on accasion you will find a lesbian

there isn't a percent. but, as long as a lesbian is willing to accept her sexuality, then she is happy. if a woman rejects her sexuality and does not want to be a lesbian, she'll try to force herself to be straight, which will be very uncomfortable for her, and she will become unhappy. pretty much, as long as a woman accepts it and embraces it, she will become more comfortable with her body and her personality, and she will find a woman to make her even more happy.

if your straight then just find a really cute boy and get hooked on him. but if your a lesbian then there's nothing u can do.

Get straight back out on the scene and find someone else to hang with.

if you would like to find a lesbian to date go to

It depends if she's a lesbian too. If she is, it would be fine. She might even like you back! If she is straight, hold off, because straight girls get a little freaked out when they find out that their female friends like them. If she is bisexual, tell her. What the heck? She might date you!

Be there for her and support her. DO NOT FRECKEN DUMP HER!

Dani Shay is a "proclaimed" lesbian, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Lesbians (and gay people) are no better or worse than "straight" people. Please don't decide that Dani is a bad person or a bad singer when you find out she is lesbian. I know her, and she is a totally sweet, and caring person, and when I first met her I had no idea she was a lesbian. It DOES NOTMATTER PEOPLE!

You can find a list of lesbian chatline numbers on the website Lavender Line.

She's either: 1. Already having a affair so you won't be mad when you find out so she can go "you are having one too!" 2. a lesbian. 3. Doesn't care about your marriage anymore. 4. Going to run away. 5. Weird.

i am a lesbian woman and to my knowledege they are worth nothing I'm not sure what being a lesbian has to do with it, but you could have the painting valued by a proffesionsal. Ultimately its worth whatever people are willing to pay, so find a collector who can appreciate the artist and the piece.

Such information is typically not publicly disclosed so it would be difficult to find any QVC hosts that would be willing to publicize their sexual orientation. There has been an ongoing rumor, however, that Lisa Robertson is a lesbian but there has been no evidence of this to support it.

noAnswerNot at all. There are a lot of straight women who find men in make-up attractive. Especially rock stars. That definitely does not make you a lesbian or bisexual. The only thing that would make you a lesbian or bisexual is if you were attracted to women. --What the hell?I guess that's only a weird question to me but no. NOOOOOOO. oh my god. boys that wear makeup are SUPER HOT! it makes you more straight if anything :)

For starters, your to young to date. But, you need find out if she is lesbian too.

You can find all kinds of lesbian videos all over the internet you can also find DVDs and stores that sell them. These are all examples of where you can view a lesbian video.

Find a lesbian, ask if you can pick her up, throw her, and catch her? I guess?

One can find lesbian fiction on various websites like GoodRead and AutoStraddle. One could also go to a local comic book store and ask if they have lesbian fiction for sale.

let her do what she wants with her life

You dont have to, you can just find a good girl and be a lesbian

either look at another girl and if your attracted to them then your a lesbian or your can kiss another girl and you find it... that you like it then ur a lesbian. ----=======---- Sorry, the answer is not as simple as looks and kisses. Looks and kisses, especially in teenage years, can simple be a temporary infatuation or it could be bisexuality. It takes time to figure out your heart. The answer is to experiment, try out both ways. If you find being with a man romantically repulsive, but enjoy being with a woman, then yes you are probably a lesbian. If you find both enjoyable you may be bi. If however you find being with a woman less desirable than being with a man, you are probably straight. But even then that's over simplifying things. Take time to know yourself, and you heart will lead you to your truth.

Many of the websites for dating also take into account lesbian dating and gay dating. You can also look into sites like lesbian dating dot com and lesbian personals online.

A lesbian is a lesbian because she is she is just not going to change and become heterosexual. Unfortunately this will not happen and you need to move on and find someone that is compatible on your level.

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