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Here is an excellent site with some wonderful options 4 U.

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Q: How can you find a website listing only co-op or non-profit health insurance companies and insurance covering alternative medicine like acupuncture?
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What kind of companies are non prophets?

Companies that do not receive a profit are considered nonprofit companies. These companies use any money gained to achieve their goals or to keep their nonprofit company alive and going.

Who is the largest nonprofit health insurance company?

Kaiser Permanente

What websites list job opportunities in nonprofit companies? or are the websites I used when I was unemployed and looking for a nonprofit job. Other websites like careerbuilder and craiglists also have ways of searching for just nonprofit jobs. Here are some websites that list job opprutunities in nonprofit companies: idealist, nonprofit.about, ministryemploymentnon, non-profit-jobs, and blueavocado.

Does Tennessee have insurance coverage for volunteer worker for nonprofit organizations?

It's up to the nonprofit organization to decide if it wants to purchase insurance. Whether you are in the state of Tennessee or any other state has no bearing.

I'd like to find employment with a nonprofit company. Will these job opportunities generally pay?

Most nonprofit companies have paid positions. The nonprofit part refers to the company not making a profit beyond what it takes to run things.

What is a nonprofit private health insurance?

AnswerMost Blue Crosses are "not-for-profit" which is slightly different from non-profit.

Who started the first health insurance company?

Health insurance began in the 1920's at Baylor Hospital in Dallas. It began as a nonprofit organization for poor people called "the Blues" and eventually developed into Blue Cross. Health insurance as we know it now developed from this concept but was offered by companies in the 40's who were trying to get around wage controls by offering "benefits". At this point the insurance companies were still all non profit, but that slowly began to change and by the early 80's a little over 10% were for profit. This scheme (for lack of a better word) quickly escalated into the problems we have now as by the late 90's nearly 70% of insurance companies were for profit.

Would the electric company be a nonprofit or a profit organization?

Electric company is a profit organization now a days the share of electric companies increases very rapidly. Only Cooperative socities are nonprofit organizations.

Where can you go to sign up for online business education?

There a many places where one can sign up for online business education. Places such as ITT tech, SBA, The Free Nonprofit Micro-eMBA Program. The free nonprofit program is a good alternative to the standard online course work where you can learn about nonprofit business without paying for the courses.

Is NFL a nonprofit?

Is NFL a nonprofit

What is a good sentence for the word nonprofit?

The ones cheap insurance life term U.K. who built around the so have nonprofits appeal of her.

What has the author Terry S Chapman written?

Terry S. Chapman has written: 'Am I covered for-- ?' -- subject(s): Insurance, Nonprofit organizations

What type of liability insurance should a nonprofit corporation need to carry?

Just one that cover the basic needs, to not expend a lot of money. That way it doesn't loose money paying for insurance.

What is the purpose of highway insurance?

The purpose of highway insurance is to basically help the public out & reduce deaths/injuries for the highways. Highway insurance is a nonprofit saftely organization that does it's best to reduce deaths, injuries & crashing on highways throughout the country.

Is Wendy's a nonprofit company?

Nope. They are in business (like most companies) to make a profit. In 2015, they made a profit of $274.5 million.

When was Nonprofit VOTE created?

Nonprofit VOTE was created in 2005.

What types of health insurance are available?

The insurance market is made up of the following:1. Federal Health Insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Affairs, SCHIPS and Indian Health Service)and2. Commercial Health Insurance (Private or Public Companies such as United Healthcare, Nonprofit Organizations such as most Blue Cross Blue Shield Organizations, although some are for profit, and Patient Owned Co-ops such as Group Health in Washington state)Both the Federal and Commercial Insurance Companies have tried to lower expenses by allowing other companies (referred to as Managed Care Organization's) to act as the "agent" responsible in making sure that the patients (referred to as policy holders,beneficiaries and/or members) select a plan (also called a Policy) that covers the medical services (also called the benefits) most appropriate for each patient.In case you were wondering, HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) are considered Managed Care Companies.

Can a nonprofit charge another nonprofit a fee to participate in a fundraiser?


Is red cross a nonprofit organization?

The Red Cross is a nonprofit organization.

Is the American heart association a nonprofit organization?

yes they are a nonprofit organization

What is for ORBIS?

ORBIS is the name of several companies. One that is related to health is a nonprofit humanitarian organization devoted to prevention of blindness and treatment in developing countries.

Do Merchant Advisors Work With Lots Of Different Companies?

Merchant Advisors provide assistance to make money and nonprofit business. Please be aware we can't offer help companies associated with gambling, and also the adult industry.

What qualifies your business to be a nonprofit?

See links for steps in starting a nonprofit business

Dollar General how do i request a donation for nonprofit organization?

request for donations for nonprofit

What is the population of Nonprofit Technology Resources?

Nonprofit Technology Resources's population is 12.