How can you find out a crime your father committed and send to Folsom State Prison?

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google his name or google the prison and find prisons and inmate locater then put his name in
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How many people come out of prison and commit crimes?

Recidivism is the term used to describe offenders coming out of thecorrectional system and committing crimes again. In 2005, therecidivism rate in the United States was 60 per

How can I find out if my sister is an inmate at Folsom State Prison?

Calling them and asking politely would be your first step. You'd need your sisters full name and date of birth and you may have to fax them written proof of your own identit

How can extradition be an example of good relations between states when it sends a fugitive from being accused of committing a crime back to that state?

Extradition has nothing whatsoever to do with "good relations" between the states. It is a matter of law. Extradition is a legal action and a process which all states must adh

What is the dress code for folsom state prison?

For prisoners or staff?. For prisoners it is "Blues" (denim and chambray) for most. It is a white jumpsuit for prisoners who are in administrative segregation. It is an orang

What is the dress code at folsom state prison for vistiors?

When visiting Folsom State Prison, the dress code for visitorsmainly revolves around avoiding wearing clothing which could bemistaken for the clothing issued to prisoners. Thi

Once released from serving time in a federal prison for a specific crime could you be arrested for that same crime by the state the crime was committed in and then sent to state prison?

The fifth amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects people from being prosecuted twice for the same offense. This is called the Double Jeopardy Clause. So, no, the state s
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How do you visit an inmate in folsom state prison?

You must first obtain approval from the CDCR. You can apply for approval to visit by completing a visitor questionnaire. You can obtain the questionnaire by having the prisone
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Where is Folsom State Prison located?

Folson State Prison is located in the state of California. This prison has been featured on MSNBC Lockup on several occasions and is designed to hold 2,469 inmates, though at