How can you find out a crime your father committed and send to Folsom State Prison?

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google his name or google the prison and find prisons and inmate locater then put his name in
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How do you send money to an inmate in Chino state prison?

I use to send inmate packages and funds to my brother in prison. They serve most of the USA and the customer service is way better then any other company I've dealt with.. Another reliable resource is . JPay, Inc. P.O. Box 530955 Miami, FL 33153-0955 (800) 574-5729 Note that t ( Full Answer )

What NBA player committed a crime and sent to prison.?

On April 3, 2009, Corie Blount pled guilty to two felony possession charges in a deal to avoid trafficking charges. He was sentenced May 13, 2009 to one year in prison. He was also fined $10,000 and ordered to surrender $34,000 in cash as well as two vehicles seized in the bust. He told the judge th ( Full Answer )

How many people come out of prison and commit crimes?

Recidivism is the term used to describe offenders coming out of thecorrectional system and committing crimes again. In 2005, therecidivism rate in the United States was 60 percent.

How can I find out if my sister is an inmate at Folsom State Prison?

Calling them and asking politely would be your first step. You'd need your sisters full name and date of birth and you may have to fax them written proof of your own identity and relatedness.. Folsom Prison is all male. I belive there are only 2 or 3 women's prisons in California, and they're all ( Full Answer )

How can extradition be an example of good relations between states when it sends a fugitive from being accused of committing a crime back to that state?

Extradition has nothing whatsoever to do with "good relations" between the states. It is a matter of law. Extradition is a legal action and a process which all states must adhere to, much like the sharing of Motor Vehicle Drivers License and Registration records between the states. It is to the mutu ( Full Answer )

How do send money to inmate at Donavan State Prison?

Usually this can be accomplished by mail. Include a money order (no cash or checks) in a letter to him. The other option, and this varies by state slightly, when visiting you can bring money to the facility and have it deposited in his account. Contact the facilty directly for specifics.

Where do you send books to inmate at Donovan State Prison?

If you are sending the person mail already, the address is the same. However, keep in mind that the facility may not accept books unless it comes from an authorized vendor. Contact the facility for specifc rules and policies.

Can someone that has committed a crime in the US and is found in Ecuador be send back to the us?

Absolutely. Ecuador is one of many nations that has an Extradition Treaty (treaty between 2 nations that says if a person committing a crime in one nation is found in the other, the nation finding the criminal will return the criminal to the nation where the crime was committed) with the United Stat ( Full Answer )

How do you find someone in state prison?

For most states, you can look them up on that state's DOC inmate locator site. See the link below for a list of all fifty states' DOC web sites. Scroll to the state desired and click the link in the column on the left. Look for any link to "Inmate Locator," or "Offender Locator." Most sites allow yo ( Full Answer )

What is the dress code for folsom state prison?

For prisoners or staff?. For prisoners it is "Blues" (denim and chambray) for most. It is a white jumpsuit for prisoners who are in administrative segregation. It is an orange jumpsuit for reception center inmates. Inmates are also issued a jacket, socks, T-shirt, underwear, and shoes.. Staff are ( Full Answer )

What is the dress code at folsom state prison for vistiors?

When visiting Folsom State Prison, the dress code for visitorsmainly revolves around avoiding wearing clothing which could bemistaken for the clothing issued to prisoners. This means thatvisitors are asked to avoid wearing blues and greys which aresimilar to the shades which prisoners wear. In addit ( Full Answer )

Once released from serving time in a federal prison for a specific crime could you be arrested for that same crime by the state the crime was committed in and then sent to state prison?

The fifth amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects people from being prosecuted twice for the same offense. This is called the Double Jeopardy Clause. So, no, the state should not be able to prosecute for a substantially similar crime. However, if the state crime is not substantially similar t ( Full Answer )

How do you find out if a crime has been committed in your residence prior to your occupation?

Most police departments keep statistics on the addresses and locations of crimes in their jurisdcition - if they keep a hisotorical file of this information, you could try checking with your local law enforcement agency. Be aware, however, that this may not go back into the past to any significant d ( Full Answer )

How long can a state legally hold you in detention on a crime you did not commit?

(in the US) If you have already been convicted, found guilty, and sentenced - the evidence against you was more convincing than your defense that you did not commit it, and you will serve the term of your sentence. If you are newly arrested, you will be held in jail until your trial - at which time ( Full Answer )

Will a criminal be released from prison if the crime he committed is later repealed?

The answer is usually no. The criminal will likely have to file a petition for habeas corpus arguing that since the law has been repealed or overturned he is being detained unconstitutionally, but these are rarely successful. The both the state supreme courts and the federal Supreme Court, as well a ( Full Answer )

The A Team were a crack commando unit sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit What crime?

The "crime they didn't commit" During the Vietnam War, the A-Team's commanding officer, Colonel Morrison, gave them orders to rob the Bank of Hanoi to help bring the war to an end. They succeeded in their mission, but on returning to their base four days after the end of the war, they found their C ( Full Answer )

Why do you not commit crimes?

There are several good reasons why you shouldn't commit crimes. The first and foremost is that you will end up in prison or jail and sharing a cell with a fellow named Bubba who will not treat you nicely. These places that hold people who commit crimes are not good places. The next reason is it is m ( Full Answer )

Who wrote Folsom Prison Blues song?

Johnny Cash AKA (man in black) Johnny made this song when he was in the army!!then he switched the words a little bit and that's who made Folsom prison blues :))

Who may request that a person be returned to the state where they committed a crime?

Technically, this request is made by the governor of the state where the crime occurred. The request is usually a formality that does not personally involve the governor. The law enforcement agency or prosecutor's office having jurisdiction over the crime decides if they want to go to the expense ne ( Full Answer )

How do you find out if someone is out of state prison?

If you know which specific prison they were incarcerated in, call and contact that prison's administrative office and ask. If you do not know which prison, contact the State Prison Administration in the state capitol - they should be able to track the person's record in their system.

How do you visit an inmate in folsom state prison?

You must first obtain approval from the CDCR. You can apply for approval to visit by completing a visitor questionnaire. You can obtain the questionnaire by having the prisoner send it to you. The prisoner must sign it first. Mail the completed questionnaire to the Visitation Sergeant. If you are ap ( Full Answer )

Can you sue a police officer for arresting you and keeping you in prison for 10 days for a crime you did not commit?

Yes, although you would need to show that the officer acted unreasonably in arresting you. If the officer had probable cause to believe you committed a crime, the arrest is lawful and proper, even if the officer's perception or decision was shown to be in error. So long as the officer acted reasonab ( Full Answer )

Who sang the song 'Folsom Prison Blues'?

Johnny Cash sang 'Folsom Prison Blues.' It first appeared on a live album of the same name. When Cash wrote the song, he knew he wanted to perform it live in a prison. He got the opportunity, in 1968, to perform two concerts in prisons.

Where is Folsom State Prison located?

Folson State Prison is located in the state of California. This prison has been featured on MSNBC Lockup on several occasions and is designed to hold 2,469 inmates, though at any give time the prison can have a population of over 3,000. Folsom is only one of 33 prisons that are ran and operated by t ( Full Answer )

Who can commit a crime?

Anyone with the intent to do so. Most jurisdictions say that someone under the age of 12 cannot form the intent.