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You probably can find our by calling the highway patrol and giving them the Serial or Identification number and asking. Another thing I would do is take the Identification number and on the computer go to and check it out.

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Q: How can you find out if a truck has been reported stolen?
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If you havent reported your truck stolen after a year how can you find out if your truck had been registerd by another person?

You can run the VIN number through a site like Carfax, although it won't give you the personal information of the registrar.

Is a Bernina with the serial number 0084058301 stolen?

If it has been reported stolen, you might be able to find out by asking the police to run the serial number.

Where would I look to find out if a firearm is legal according to the serial number?

Contact your local police. If it has been reported stolen to the police they can find out.

Is F927056 a stolen rifle SavageArms?

IF it has been reported, you might find out by having your local police run the serial number.

Is a Bernina with the serial number 48102358 stolen?

Only way to find out is to go to the police. If it has been reported, they will let you know.

In CA what do you do if you find a gun you reported stolen?

Contact the police.

How can I find out if a Ruger P85 Pistol is stolen?

Ask you local police to run the serial number. It has been reported it will show up.

What happens if the creditor cant find the car to reposs it?

It gets reported stolen.

Want to find out if the Smithwesson 22 pistel i bought was stolen?

Go to the police and have them run the sn. If it was reported stolen to the police it will be in the system

Where on-line can you look up the serial number of a firearm to find out if it is stolen before purchasing it?

Over the years there have been on or two sites that listed what you are looking for. However, they are only as good as what is reported. Your best bet is to ask you local police to run the sn. Again, it could still be stolen and just not reported.

How can you find a car that has been stolen by your business partner?

Report it stolen.

im tryn to find out if my truck has been recalled ?

im tryn to find out if my truck has been recalled for any reason

How do you find out if your identity has been stolen?

How do I find out if my iden has been Stolen or if anyone is using my information

Your car has stolen or your car has been stolen?

Many online websites allow you to check if a car has been stolen or not. At stolen car check will help you to know these details.

How do you find out that you have been reported in yoville?

If you cannot get on Yoville, you are most likely reported. Also it will tell you if someone has reported you, by leaving a message of something of the sort.

If a truck driver fails a random drug screen where is it reported and how do i find out if it will affect future employment?

i dk

Can banks find out if a money order been stolen?


How can you find out if a vehicle has ever been stolen?

yes if it has a g.p.s.

Where did they find the world cup after it was stolen in 1983?

The Jules Rimet was stolen in Brazil in 1983, and has never been found.

Can a pawn shop tell if a computer is stolen?

Yes, depending on the make and how old it is. Majority of the time, you'll get caught if it is stolen. Here in Canada, the police check pawn shops weekly for electronics that have been reported stolen. So if the computer has been reported to the police as stolen, and you sell/pawn a stolen computer, then ya I'd expect them to find out. If it is a stolen machine then whether or not it's been reported as a stolen computer really depends on the previous owner. Example: if the owner is a person who knows almost nothing about computers and they only have one to use for internet research and email etc. Then obviously that was a big deal to that owner, they used it for important things. Also for some reason a working computer to someone who knows nothing about them could be worth a lot of money in their mind. Even if its a p2/32MB SDRAM, and a 4GB HDD, if it works then it could be worth whatever they bought it for in their mind, when really it's only worth about 40$

Can a repossessed car be reported stolen if you can't find it?

If you want to be charged with making a false report on top of losing your car. If it has been repossessed legally, you have no real claim on it and aren't supposed to find it. Pay what is owed on it and whoever has it must produce the car.

What happens if you file a theft report but then you find the object you thought was stolen?

You just need to let the police know you found it. If you're found in possession of the item and they realize it was reported stolen you could be mistakenly arrested.

How do you research a orbea mountain bike serial number?

Depends on what you're trying to find out. The police might know if a bike with that number has been reported stolen, while the importer might know from which store the bike was originally sold.

Do you have be physically served with a warrant in the state of Georgia county of DeKalb before a bank or dealership can report your car stolen?

I know of NO state where you have to be served BEFORE anything is REPORTED stolen. You always find out after the fact. Good Luck

need to find out if moped is stolen?

how to find out if moped is stolen