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Contact "Vital Statistics" Write to: CA Office of Vital Records M.S. 5103 P.O. Box 997410 Sacramento, CA 95899-7410 I recently requested a birth certificate and found a postcard in my mailbox about 2 weeks later from the State. It informed me that the average processing time for birth and death certificates is 4 weeks. However, for marriage and divorce certificates, it's up to 2-3 years. Perhaps a public records company could find the information for you. My guess is that it would take 2 or 3 days instead of 2 or 3 years. But that's just a guess.

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Q: How can you find out if there is a marriage certificate or divorce in the state of California?
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If you got married in Delaware but live in Texas do you have to file for divorce in Delaware?

You get divorced in the state you live in. The lawyers will need the marriage certificate.

IF married in Nevada and live in California then divorce in California which state law files the divorce?

CA transmits the information for dissolution of marriage to NV. Give it 6 months, (because government is slow), and your divorce should be registered in both states.

Is inheritance part of the marriage money in a divorce?

Divorce laws vary from state to state.

Is my marriage in one state legal even though my divorce in another state was overturned prior to my marriage in another state?

No, not in the United States. If your prior divorce was 'overturned' by that state court then your subsequent marriage was not valid.

Does Texas honor marriage licenses issued in California?

If you're talking about a marriage license--that is, the application to marry issued by the State of California--then no, you cannot use a California marriage license in Texas, you must be married in California. If you're talking about a California marriage certificate--the document that proves you were legally married in California--then yes, all U.S. states will recognize California marriages. Hope that helps!

What state regulates a divorce when it is filed in a different state than marriage occurred?

The state where the divorce is filed.

Who regulates marriage and divorce?

State does

Is California an at-fault state FOR DIVORCE?

California is a no fault divorce state. Anyone can obtain a divorce based upon "irreconcilable differences" regardless of the reasons for the divorce.

If you got married in California can you get a divorce in New Jersey?

Absolutely. Many, many divorces occur in a different state from where the marriage did. Some people even go to other states for a divorce because their divorce laws allow for a faster divorce than the state where they reside.

If you have obtained a marriage certificate and the ceremony was performed but you do not have a marriage license are you legally married?

If the marriage certificate was not issued by the state, no. You have to file for a license and execute the license.

Will a prospective bride or groom get run for out of state warrants when they go to get their marriage license in the state of Missouri?

See the State website:Marriage & Divorce

What state has the most divorce?


Requirements to have a marriage annuled in California?

Consult a California state divorce lawyer to determine how to obtain a secular/state annulment. This is the Catholic Answer section. Obtaining an annulment in the Catholic Church has nothing to do with secular/state law except to the extent that the couple seeking an annulment in The Catholic Church must first obtain a Decree of Divorce from the state.

How much for the marriage certificate?

This depends upon the state and country where you have registered your marriage.

Will California recognize a common law marriage from another US state?

Yes, if the marriage is considered legal in the state in which it was made, all other US states grant the same right. What legal proof could I provide my employer in stead of a marriage certificate?

Can you cancel a marriage certificate?

You do not 'cancel' a marriage certificate, but, in some States if you have been married less than a certain period of time (which varies from state to state) and meet other specific criteria you can have the marriage 'annulled.' This dissolves the marriage ab initio, and is legally distinct from a "divorce".If you got the license (not the "certificate", which is a document from the state that the marriage has been recorded) and then changed your mind before getting married, you don't usually need to explicitly "cancel" it. They normally expire after a short time (3 days to a month, again depending on the state) if the marriage is not solemnized (the "wedding" part) and recorded.

Who makes the laws for marriage and divorce?

State power

If you marry in Vegas what divorce rights do you have for the state i live in?

A marriage in any state is recognized in all states, and a divorce in any state is a divorce in all states.

You married in California can you file for a divorce in New Jersey?

You can file for divorce in New Jersey as long as you or your ex-husband live there now. If not, then you can file in California or any state that either of you live. When a party to a marriage has moved it makes sense to try to file for divorce in the state you moved to because it is much more convenient! That being said, if your ex lives in another state make sure you file first if the location of the divorce is important to you.

What are the Divorce laws in California regarding affairs?

California is a no-fault state.

Do the laws of state on marriage license affect divorce in another state?

By law a couple that are maried in one state of the USA, are legally considered marreid in all the states. Likewise a couple that divorce in any state are legally divorced in all states. Even if the divorce occurs in a different state than the marriage.

If you are in a common-law marriage can you sue for divorce?

If you live in a state that recognizes common law marriage you can obtain a divorce if you wish to dissolve your marriage. You must obtain a divorce if you want to remarry. You should consult with an attorney.

Is fourteen year old Illinois will good in Florida?

Sure. Each state is part of a federal government and marriage, wills, other documents are recognized by other states as valid. Otherwise everyone would have to go to each state to have a marriage, divorce, or death certificate enforced.

If married in Hawaii can a divorce be obtained in California?

Yes, if a person got married in Hawaii they can divorce in the state of California. The person will have to be a resident of California for a certain amount of time before filing for a divorce.

Do you have a deadline to turn in your marriage certificate?

depends on the state, but usually its 30-90 days after the marriage.