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The best way is to have a D.N.A done on .you and the two who are your parents

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Q: How can you find out if you were adopted?
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How does Ravi find out he was adopted?

He was like eleven when he was adopted

How do you find my adopted sister?

I find her ugly and smelly

How can you find your real birthday if you were adopted?

All the information about you should be on the papers they signed when you were adopted.

How do children know if they are adopted?

If a child is older they know if they were adopted but the ones who are adopted as babies, and therefor have pictures, might never find out unless the parents tell or their parents or siblings try to find them.

How did Moses find out he was adopted?

Moses discovered that he was adopted by meeting his brother and sister, who were among the Hebrew slaves.

If you are adopted how can you find out who your real father is?

check your records by who you are adopted from or ask to see your records or simply ask who was your real father

What happens if a kid gets adopted into a bad family?

They get beat and then adopted again and then it goes on and on till they find the right family

Where do you look to find where the constitution was adopted?

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How can a 16 year old find her biological mother?

If she was adopted, there is a record of her biological parent, call the adoption agency she came from. if she wasnt adopted it almost impossible to find the biological mother.

How many babies put up for adoption find families?

Many babies are adopted. The price is highand the amount of contract papers is large. The economy is tough so not as many are adopted this year, but a good amount of babies are adopted and find a good and healthy family.

Where can you find Adoption Papers?

you can fined them at your local court house of the place were you adopted your child or if your looking for your own adoption papers it will be at the place you were adopted

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