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See the link below

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Q: How can you find out the origin of your Irish last name?
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What is the origin of the last name Rozich?

It is of the Irish origin.

Is the last name Laverty Irish?

Yes, it is of Irish origin.

Is Day an Irish last name?

no Day is not a Irish last name Correct, it is not of Irish origin. Instead, it is of English origin. But Day is sometimes used for O'Dea.

Is casey a Irish last name?

It is of Irish and Gaelic origin: Yes.

Is the last name McDonald a Irish name?

It is Scottish in origin.

What is the origin meaning of the last name thomas?

It is Irish.

Is the last name Moore of English origin?

It is either English or Irish, my last name is Moore and my family was English although many people thought it was an Irish name

What is the origin of the last name Lewis?

Usually it is either Irish or Scottish.

Is Berni an Irish last name?

Apparently it is a surname of Italian origin.

What is Lewis origin?

It is of one of the following: Irish, Scottish, or Welsh. If it is of Irish origin, it is the shortened version of "son of Lughaidh." If it is of Welsh origin, it is the American version of the last name "Llyewis." If it is of Scottish origin, it is another name for "Mac Lughaidh."

What is the originality of the last name Lewis?

It is of the Irish origin, people with this last name will most likely have descendents from Ireland.

What is the origin of the name Dunnigan?

Irish an scottish of Irish origin

What is the origin of the last name McCurry?

Depending on ancestors, McCurry is either Irish or Scottish.

Is the name 'Griffin' of Irish origin?

Griffin can be of Irish, Welsh or Swedish origin.

Is the last name Roberts an Irish last name?

I believe it is Welsh (ap Robert) or English in origin although there may be people with the name in Ireland.

Is Shawen an Irish name?

yes it is of irish origin.

What does the last name milkins mean?

The last name Milkins is of Irish origin. It's been speculated to mean bald, but there is no concrete evidence for this.?æ

What is the origin of the name Mckinney?

It is an Irish name.

Is the last name king Irish?

Last name king in Irish

Is the last name ruddy Irish?

There are separate clans 'Ruddy'. One is of Welsh origin from the Carmarthenshire region and the other is of Irish origin Ó Rodaigh from Co. Leitrim and Co. Donegal areas. So to answer your question, Ruddy can be Irish or Welsh.

Is McBride a Irish last name?

McBride is a Scotish and Irish last name. The Irish name comes from County Donegal.

What are the origins of the girls' name ''Kaitlin''?

The origin of the girl's name Kaitlin is Irish and means pure. It is a phonetic form of Caitlin and the Irish form of Catherine which is Greek. It is a common first name but not a common last name.

What is the origin of the name Aidan?

It means " warm " in Irish. It's definitely an Irish name.

What does the name Kieran mean?

The name Kieran is of Irish origin and it means dark. With an Irish origin Kieran means "little dark one".

Is denton a Irish name?

No... It is English, but you can find a number of families in Ireland with this last name.