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This is from a pamphlet published by the Federal Consumer Information Center:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that consumers lose billions of dollars a year to odometer fraud. Odometer readings may be rolled back or documents can be forged. Making miles disappear helps increase the car's value to the seller, but can mean increased maintenance and repair costs to the buyer. ... you can use the 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN) to secure a history from either the state or a private vehicle history company. These companies have compiled data from multiple sources to help you get a better picture of the used car's past.

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Q: How can you find out the true mileage on a vehicle?
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How can you find out if the mileage on a car has been rolled back?

A Car-fax search may help and it may not. You are probably not going to ever find out the exact mileage on the vehicle. Rolling back the mileage is illegal and carries a hefty fine.

What is vehicle mileage?

the amount of miles a vehicle has driven in its lifetime

How do you know when you need new spark plugs?

Gradual lack of power Fuel mileage drops Mileage/age of vehicle Gradual lack of power Fuel mileage drops Mileage/age of vehicle

How much is a 1988 fleetwood worth?

Depends on condition of vehicle, mileage, and your location. Go here and you can find out.

How can i find the mileage on an previously own vehicle?

Hook up a scanner. If it is a replaced engine, there is no way to tell bud

How much gas will it cost to drive from Ocala Fl to Ring gold Ga?

Divide the distance by the mileage of your vehicle.Divide the distance by the mileage of your vehicle.

Is a lot of mileage on a car good or bad?

Well of course the higher the mileage on the vehicle the more chance that something is worn out. So high mileage on a vehicle is a bad thing.

Can bigger tire size gives more mileage?

Depends on the vehicle. It could improve mileage or lower mileage.

Cheating on the vehicle mileage meter?

Is Illegal

How does one know what to price a car at?

It completely depends on the mileage, age of the vehicle, how many doors the vehicle has, engine size and also the condition of the vehicle. If you have a vehicle which is not in good condition, has a lot of mileage and is a vehicle registered in 1997, you would expect not to get a lot for it. However, if your vehicle is fairly new and has a low mileage, then you would price it at a higher offer.

What is the current value of a 1994 Honda Accord?

Depends entirely on condition and mileage on the vehicle. Click the link to find the value.

What does mileage mean?

How far a vehicle has gone since it was new. The difference between two readings of the odometer of a vehicle. Mileage (or gas mileage) also refers to a vehicle's fuel economy, specifically the number of miles it can travel on one gallon of fuel.

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