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Start with all the writing on the gun. There's probably a clue there. Then take this bit of knowledge to the library and look up The Standard Catalog of Firearms. If you can't identify it from that book, start looking through the others on the same shelf.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-02 04:27:52
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Q: How can you find out what type of rifle you have?
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What type is your browning 237RP bar rifle?

YOu will have to call Browning to find out. It was made in 1978

How can you find the history of my Winchester rifle ser number 1934184?

i think if you go to yahoo or google you can type in rifle serial numbers. and there should be a website called if you go there you can type in the serial number of your rifle. they have tons of guns cataloged and they should have yours

What is the difference between a rifle and a carbine?

A carbine is a type of rifle.

What part of speech is rifle?

the word rifle is a noun because it is a thing . A rifle is a type of gun.

What type of ammo does a pioneer 22 bolt action rifle take short long or long rifle?

All 3, but you may find that only the long rifle will cycle through the magazine. These were made for Gambles Stores by Savage.

What type of rifle do color guards use?

often it was the 1903 springfield rifle

What is a 2.5 krupp-essen rifle?

A type of rifle made in europe.

What kind of gun is a Airsoft M14?

The Airsoft M14 is a type of rifle. This rifle is electric, and is a type of sniper rifle. This gun can be used for many things, such as hunting and target shooting.

What is the difference between an AR rifle and a AR rifle?

There is no difference between an AR rifle and an AR rifle

Where can you find the model number on a slide action rifle?

That will depend on the make of the rifle and the age of your pump rifle.

What type of rifle did the Romanians use during the battle for Stalingrad?

I believe it was the 7.92mm ZB24 rifle and/or the vz. 24 rifle .

Do type 99 guns take 22 long rifle ammo?

If you're talking about the Japanese Arisaka Type 99 rifle, no.

What type of rifle is used in biathalon?

Bolt action .22 LR target rifle

What type of wood are the Savage rifle stocks made from?

Depends on which rifle. Contact Savage customer serice with the model of your rifle, and they can give you an answer.

Rifle is to firearm as what is to garment?

Shirt. A rifle is one type of firearm, and a shirt (or dress, skirt, blouse, trousers) is one type of garment.

How many bullets in a 223 rifle?

WHICH rifle? There is more than one type made in this caliber.

What size base and rings for a 270 rifle?

depends on the rifle and the scope. Most scopes will use 1 inch rings for that type rifle.

What type was the fist gun?

flintlock rifle

How do find out if your 94 is a pre 64 rifle?

Contact Winchester with the serial number of the rifle

How old is a model 22 rifle model 6 serial no 444976?

We MAY be able to find answer for you, if you can find the MAKE of the rifle for us.

How can you find 22 Long Rifle clips for a Stevens 87A rifle?

check cabelas that's where i found a spare clip for my rifle

What does CAR15 stand forIts a type of gun?

It is the Carbine (short rifle) version of the AR15. AR stands for Armalite Rifle. It is a semi auto rifle.

How to identify a foreign rifle by emblem and numbers?

First, you'd need to know what type of rifle it is. There's plenty of resources available online which can identify markings and such, but they tend to be oriented towards one particular type of rifle.

What are some of Japanese weapons in call of duty 5?

GUNS japanese arisaka type 30 bolt action rifle japanese arisaka type 38 bolt action rifle japanese arisaka type 48 bolt action rifle japanese arisaka type 97 bolt action rifle japanese arisaka type 99 bolt action rifle japanese type 99 light machine gun japanese type 100 sub machine gun japanese type 18 8mm nambu pistol SHARP OBJECTS bayonet katana EXPLOSIVE grenade TATICS banzai charges kamikaze

Where can one find BSA rifle scopes?

There are a number of places that an individual can find BSA rifle scopes. Some of the places you may want to try include BSA Optics and Air Rifle Scopes.