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How can you find shiny Pokemon in emerald?


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Its random to find shiny Pokemon you have a 1/8000 chances to see one if you want to find a certain Pokemon shiny stay in the area of that Pokemon where either you can find it all the time or most of the time: For Example: Stay in Artisan Cave to find a shiny Smeargle.


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Shiny pokemon are completely random. Find them by walking through grass.

Yes? What about them? It is possable to find one.

Shiny pokemon are found in random throughout the game. There is no solid way to get one.

Get out you stupids! I'm better! You can't get a shiny Pokemon in emerald! Except for me! Hahahahahahaha!!

You can't get the Shiny Stone in Pokemon Emerald. It is only in Generation's IV and V

There is no Blissy Pokemo on Emerald.Therefore there is no Shiny Stone.

yes. its a 1/8000 chance you will find one.

Shiny Pokemon were not available in Generation III.

You dont make them shiny, you catch them shiny. there is a 1/400 chance or something like that to find a wild one

Shiny Pokémon can appear anywhere, the problem is they're extremely rare.

shiny Pokemon are rare Pokemon with a different colour there is a 1-80% chance that you will find one so there is no easy way to find one unless you cheat!>:)

A black Rayquaza is a shiny so you'll have to be very lucky for the Rayquaza you find to be shiny.

You will randomly find them in the wild. There is a 1 in 8192 chance of finding one.

The chances, without a Gameshark/AR of getting a shiny Pokemon are 1 in 8192, so you're just lucky to find one really :)

that is because finding a shiny Pokemon is very rare... you have less than a 1/8000 chance of finding 1

That is complicated. First, find a shiny Magikarp. You have to battle 8312 to find one, but it is worth it. Then evolve the Magikarp into Gyarados.

Yes, but like on gold/silver/crystal versions you have to find them randonmly. there are no gift shiny Pokemon like the red gyarados

sorry but there are no shiny Pokemon codes they do not exist right now

Yes there definitely are, they're just extremely rare to find.

u have a 1 out of 8,621 chance of seeing a shiny pokemon. i highly dought ued see 1 often

No matter what Pokemon it is and if it is shiny it will stay shiny if you trade it or migrate it, trust me i know i traded my shiny banette to Pokemon xd and its still shiny.

Internal battery has no effect with shiny pkmn

A gold magikarp is a shiny Pokemon. a shiny Pokemon is a Pokemon with an altered color. the chances of finding a shiny is 1/8192 or a 0.0122%

You cannot make Pokémon shiny, you can only catch them in shiny form.

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