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How can you find someone to foster you?

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That would vary depending on your reasons. If you simply do not like your parents, then your not likely to get much joy. That is usually a normal phase that you will just have to work your way through. I can't tell you how many times as a teen I would have rather lived with a total stranger than my own parents. As you get older, you realize they aren't quite as bad as you thought. If you are in an abusive or dangerous situation, you need to talk to a trusted adult, a guidance councilor, a police officer, or someone else who will be able to keep you safe and assist you in getting the legal process started. See the related link below for more information on getting help.

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How do you find someone in foster care?

i was in a foster life but then i change when i was in there but i still have a way to go

How do you adopt someone?

you call foster care and then they come to you. If you need someone adopted if they are in the foster care, they will find them and give them to you or if you dont want your daughter/son anymore you can ask the foster care to give them to another family if they can find them.

How do you find out if someone can not have contact with a child who is in foster care?

You should talk to the case worker.

How can you find out if someone was in foster care?

I would just leave it. Foster care can be a touchy subject for some people and you shouldnt make them uncomfortable by asking them because if they dont choose to tell you they dont want you to know

Where can I find information on how to become a foster parent?

Becoming a foster parent can be very difficult for some people due to the very long process that is involved. You can find out more about this process at the website

I have a crush on my foster carer tony hes married and every time when his wife mary was there it make me want to kill her so I can marries to tony Please help me?

If you have a crush on your foster caregiver Tony, if sounds like a childhood crush. Tony is married, and taken, and is loved by his wife. You need to find someone more your age who is available to return your love and affection.

Did Hillary Clinton kill someone?

Yes... = Vincent Foster =

Where can I find Penn Foster Introduction to Programming Projects 418830 and 418007?

All the Penn Foster study materials are available via the Penn Foster website.

What is a word for a child that someone begot not an adopted child?

Foster child

You are now an adult who was raised in foster care how can you find your biological parents?

If you aged out of foster care (weren't adopted) you would need to check with DCF about getting your foster care records.

What if the foster parents die does the foster child have ownership to the fost er parent's property?

No, the child will go to an orpahnage and stay there until people can find the right foster parents to maintain him/her.

Where can you find a foster home for imaginary friends?

Since this is an imaginary friend, you can create your own imaginary foster home for the imaginary friend.

Where can you find foster the people flute sheet music?

at home!!

How many children do not find homes in foster care each year?

As many as 20,000 kids a year age out of foster care system each year

What is the definition of a foster home?

A foster home is a household in which a child is given parental care by someone other than its birth parents or adoptive parent. A foster home is basically where kids go that have no parents whatsoever until they are adopted.

I am 17 and i live in a foster home and want to leave what do i do?

Call your caseworker, or someone at DSHS.

What is the resolution of after tupac and d foster?

thats what im trying to find out

How much do foster parents get paid in Louisiana?

If you have to ask then Foster Parenting isn't for you. It should not be about a pay check but about the reward feeling in your heart for helping children who do not have someone there to love and protect them.

What does 'Foster' mean?

"Foster" means to help the growth.- Foster the baby- Foster your friendship- Foster my Pet

Is Penn Foster College accredited in the country of Jamaica?

I am trying to find out more about Penn Foster College. I need to know if its accreditation extends to Jamaica

What does foster child mean?

to be raised by someone else if your parents pastd or cant take care of you

What to do if my mother has custody of my children and is telling me she doesn't want them any more?

If you or the father can not petition for custody for whatever reason, you have to find someone who will or they will end up in foster care. The judge will have to approve the person petition for custody.

What relation is your first cousin's foster cousin?

If there were such a thing as a foster cousin, your first cousin's foster cousin would not be related to you. However, if your family is a close one, you may find that person being treated as a member of the family, a cousin, and that is OK.

What happens to a foster child if the foster child's foster parents die?

they get taken to another foster home.

What happens to a foster child when the foster child's foster parents die?

they get taken to another foster home.