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How can you find someones birthday free?


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my nephew is having a birthday & loves bakugan.Where can I find free ecards to send him a birthday greeting?

Yeah, if u have a big book of birthdays like Taylor swift does!

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One can find free birthday greeting cards on a number of pages online. 123 Greetings, E-Greetings, Care2 e-cards, The Birthday, and Hallmark are some websites where one can find free birthday greeting cards.

Whitepages. Ask them. Anything beyond that is basically stalking

Never happens, the cops anywhere won't release them.

Hey - you can find the sheet music for Jeremih - Birthday Sex for free in PDF at http://www.SheetMusicHits.com Enjoy!

Yes, I would like to find out the birthdays of some of my friends for free.

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quel est votre anniversaire? - what is your birthday? mon anniversaire est ....... - my birthday is .........

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Go to your local library and check the electoral role for freeyou can look it up on anywho.com

It was probably someones' birthday.

There are many ways to track email addresses for free. You can take help of social networking sites , websites, search engines and directories.

You can ask them, or look on their page to see. But there's nowhere that says when a person's birthday is.

There are no free business birthday card machines anywhere to be found. One can find free greeting card companies on the internet as many are available at no charge.

Happy Birthday to your son. The website deckplans.com I think can help you when it comes to free standing deck you wished for your son's birthday. Try to visit the webpage and you can find many ideas there.

you could make a bday card for his/her bday

El cumpleanos de ...(The person's name)

everyone always asks that, and the truth is there is no way you can get a free working membership without paying. unless you hack someones. you're not gonna hack someones are you?

Basically yes because it is just out there because I mean you can find sites on Google that are completely free and find someone's IP address at the click of a key.

urghhhhhhhhhhh, if u want FREE ones make some yourself easy thing 2 do ......

ask politley. if it's a celebrity then you can find them in websites. but remember, if you get their number without permission most laws define that as stalking.

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