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Call the parts department at the Ford Dealer.

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Q: How can you find the part number for the 1999 Ford Escort AC pressure relieve valve?
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How do you relieve the fuel pressure on a 1998 Dodge Avenger?

Remove the gas cap and that will relieve pressure in the tank. There is a Schroeder valve on the fuel injector rail. Use that to relieve pressure at the injectors.

What is the purpose of a pressure relief valve?

To relieve pressure before it can cause damage to the system that is pressurized.

What is the function of the pressure valve in radiators?

To relieve excess pressure in cooling system exceeding predetermined value.

What is the pressure needed on valve on 1996 ford escort?

Tire pressure 32 lbs. Fuel pump pressure 46lbs.

Where do you put refrigerant in an Escort?

The schrader valve on the low pressure side of the system.

Where is low pressure valve on 1992 ford escort lx air conditioner?

The low pressure valve is on the side of the accumulator-drier bottle. It is on the passenger side of the firewall.

How do you remove the low pressure valve for recharging air conditioner on a 1999 Ford Expedition?

relieve the pressure off the high pressure side

Where is fuel pressure valve on 2002 escort zx?

In a 2002 Escort ZX, the fuel pump has a check valve built into it. If the fuel pressure is dropping, then it is a bad pump. You would need to replace the entire pump. It could also be low compression.

How do you fix a build up of pressure in engine of 98 ford escort zx2 if there is no PCV valve?

the pcv valve is on the back right of the valve cover if not get one

Where is ac recharge valve in a 1998 ford escort?

the recharge valve is the smaller valve on the low pressure side (line). it is located above the dryer and next to the low pressure switch.the valve is on the line right next to the firewall on the passanger side.

How do you relieve the pressure on the fuel system of a 1999 ford expedition xlt?

schrader valve on fuel rail

How do you relieve the fuel pressure on a 2002 Ford Taurus to change a fuel filter?

First loosen the gas cap and relieve any pressure in the tank. Now look on the fuel rail for a schrader valve and push it to relieve the pressure. It will look like a tire valve. If you find none, then just be prepared for a spray of fuel when you disconnect the fuel line. Wrap it with a rag to prevent the spray.

How do you relieve fuel pressure to change filter?

Depress the Schrader valve on the fuel rail mounted on the engine. It looks like the valve stem on your tires.

How do you relieve fuel system pressure on a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado?

Remove the gas cap, and then look for a Schroeder valve on the fuel rail. If there is no valve, then you cannot relieve the pressure. Just be prepared for a spay of fuel when you take the fuel filter off. Wrap a rag around the coupling as you loosen it.

How do you relieve fuel pressure before changing fuel pressure regulator on 93 explorer?

On the fuel rail of the 93 explorer there is a pressure valve. With the battery disconnected, place a rag around the valve to catch any fuel. depress the valve until the fuel stops coming out.

Why bypass valves provide with large size gate valves?

to equalize or relieve the head pressure on the large valve, so it will ease the large valve operation.

Where is the fuel pressure relief schrader valve on a 1994 Chevy truck?

From 87 to 95 did not have them. You will have to crack the fuel line alittle to relieve fuel pressure.

Where is the fuel line relief valve for a ford f150 2001 sport?

easy way to relieve the fuel pressure is to remove the fuel pump fuse. after that start vehicle up. vehicle will run out of gas. the pressure is relieve,

What does the schroeder valve do on a 2001 Ford Expedition?

allows you to attach a fuel pressure gauge to check fuel pressure, you can also use it to relieve the fuel pressure during maintenance

How do you relieve fuel pressure on a escort zx2?

you can release fuel pressure with the schrader valve (looks like a tire valve) it is located on the passenger side of the fuel rail also, in the trunk you can unplug the fuel reset switch. then start the car and run it until it dies. pressure has been released! simply plug it back in when you want the fuel pump to kick in again. safer then spitting gas over a hot engine...

What would cause vacuum hoses to continually pop or leak on a 2003 Mercury Sable?

Check your PCV valve. This valve helps relieve pressure within the engine. It is usually located somewhere on the valve cover. How it works is when the pressure within the engine builds up, the valve opens to relieve some of the pressure so it does no push against internal parts which can cause gasket failure. If your PCV valve is not opening properly the first thing to go would be the vacuum hoses. Just replace the PCV valve, it is cheap and easy, good place to start.

Where is ac recharge valve in a 1996 ford escort?

It comes off the accumulator/drier and looks like a air pressure valve only about 2 times bigger.

How do you relieve the pressure on a fuel line?

Under the cover of the engine it looks like valve-stem it has and it's about the same size

Why do they have a valve car tire type on the head of bore hole for water?

To relieve air pressure and pump up if necessary.

How do you relieve the fuel pressure in a 2001 Yukon XL to change the fuel filter?

Take off the gas cap Find the schraeder valve on the fuel rail, looks like the valve in a tire and relieve some pressure from there. Remove the fuel pump relay, start the engine and let it run until it dies.