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How can you find the year vintage china was made?

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How do you find the date of a vintage care bear?

The year they were made is on the tag on their butt. For instance, I have a Grams bear, it says American Greetings Corp. 1983. It was made in 1983.

How old are 'vintage'?

as far as wine is concerned it is the year or place in which wine, of high quality, was produced, Made from a high quality crop from a single identified district in a good year. A vintage car was build between the year 1919 and the end of 1930

What is a term for a wine made with grapes from only one year?

The term is "vintage."

Is Peugeot 106 considered vintage?

No the Peugeot 106 is not considered vintage. This is true because the Peugeot 106 was made in the year 1991. To be a vintage car you have to be around for more the 20 years

What is a vintage champagne?

A vintage champagne or other wine is one made of grapes harvested in one year, rather than from two or more years.

How can you determine year my bottle of asti was made?

Nonvintage wines are a blend of various years. If it is a vintage asi (made from grapes all from the same year), then the year will be on the bottle.

What year was china made in?

in 1780

What year was the Great Wall of China made from?

the great wall of china is actually made of wood!

What year was fireworks made in china?

That would be the 7th century China

What is vintage wine?

The word "Vintage" simply means a season's yield of wine from a vineyard. Any wine has its vintage. For example, Chardonnay 2005 is the vintage of year 2005. The Vintage section of your wine store usually offers the best wines for each vintage (or year). Vintage wine means that all of the juice comes from one specific year. If the juice comes from different years, it is classified as non-vintage.

What year did china make gunpowder?

China made Gunpowder in 1000 A.D. They actually made it by accident.

What is the difference between vintage and non vintage champagne?

The grapes used in vintage champagne are all harvested in the same year; they are not in non-vintage champagne.

What does the vintage date on a bottle of wine indicate?

Well a vintage wine is one where all the grapes for it have been harvested in a single year, the vintage date tells you which year.

Where can someone find Christmas vintage merchandise?

The best places to find Vintage christmas merchandize is at thrift stores, flea markets, antique shops and garage sales. These items can be seen for sale every year after Halloween.

What year was the Kenmore dryer 86581810 made?

This vintage dryer is from 1985-1986 possible even 1984 You can check the serial to find the exact month and day of Yr of mfg... CT

When selling wine what does the term vintage signify?

Whether you are selling wine or not, a vintage wine means that the wine has a year on the bottle. In the US, vintage wines typically contain 100% of grapes harvested that year. However, they are only required to contain 85% grapes from the vintage year. Few American wines are sold as anything but a vintage wine. Champagne and sparkling wine are typicaly exceptions. Champagnes are rarely vintage and they are blended to maintain consistency in their taste from year to year.

How can you find the age of a Big Horn Vintage Saddle It's a Pioneer style 517 Any info would be helpful I would like to find what the year made was and style used for what type riding thank you?


What year is a vintage car?

I have heard 20 years is classic and 25 is vintage classic

What year was the wall of China born?

It was found in 2001 but it was made back in ancient china times

How do you determine the vintage year of wine?

The year that the grapes were harvested.

How many people die in china each year?

im trying too find what the answer is for How many people die in a china each year?

How to find year of Montgomery ward hawthorne vintage bicycle?

how much is it for a motgomery ward bicycle 1950 boys torpedo

What year was fried rice made?

rice was made in china and ot is made of nothing it is grown from a seed

Are American Girl Dolls made in China?

Yes. They were made in Germany the first year they were made, then production moved to Eastern Europe briefly and then have been made in China ever since.

What cars were made in 1998?

The year 1998 is the year of very special vintage vehicles. In that year, the Audi A4, BMW 328i/M3, Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Intrepid, Honda Accord and Prelude, and Porsche Boxster were made.