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The size, usage, and location are printed on the underside of the fuse panel cover. if you dont know much about electrical stuff, if it says 5A it means 5 amps, 5mA is 5 milliamps

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Q: How can you find what fuses goes with what on a 2001 Plymouth neon?
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How do you find out which fuse goes to the dash lights in a 92 Accura Vigor?

try the fuses under the hood of the car

How do you know if you got a bad starter on 99 Plymouth voyager van?

a sound that goes click,click,click,click,then maybe a start. and that's if you know you have a good battery good alternator and fuses are all good just to keep it safe you know that goes

Can some one tell you what fuses are what on a 1985 ford F150 and what amp fuses goes there?

Get a wiring diagram and read it on the can.

Where do you find a fuse?

It depends on where it is installed. Household fuses are always in the fuse box. When power goes out in your house, you check the fuse box first.

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Where is the fuse for parking lights on a 2001 Sable?

There are two spots for fuses in a 2001 sable, the interior fuse box is located under the dashboard, slightly left of the steering wheel, there's a rectangular faceplate covering it, and contains a fuse extractor - you will need mini blade fuses to replace a blown fuse. the other sport for the rest of the fuses is under the hood in the engine compartment, you'll see a box near the front of the motor clearly labled fuses. If you still have your owners manual, there's a section in it that explains what fuse goes where.

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Why wont your 2000 Plymouth neon start it has a new battery starter fuses solenoids?

does it crank? could be a number of reasons one fuel pump or fuel pump relay or fuses... two the timing belt could be broke three cam or crank shaft position sensor four bad pcm five bad starter (i know you said its new starter and fuses but starters can be bad out of the box and they can blow fuses again as well. six bad map sensor and the list goes on and on also your fuel pump safety switch may need need to be reset... the list goes on and on double check ALL your fuses and start checking all this stuff out....

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