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you need to replace what is called a " turn signal cancel cam ", it is locaTED IN THE COLUMN so depending on what kind of vehicle you have , it may require specialty tools.

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What will happen if frequency of modulating signal is greater than the carrier signal in amplitude modulation?

Then the signal will be the same amplitude.

What is auto buy signal?

Automatically shows Green arrow when buy signal and Red arrow when sell signal. Plus it shows target and trailing stop lines. From Takit Pro.

Which signal has a higher bandwidth a signal that changes 100 times per second or a signal that changes 200 times per second?

The signal that changes at a higher rate occupies greater bandwidth.

What is automatic buy and sale signal?

Automatically shows Green arrow when buy signal and Red arrow when sell signal. Plus it shows target and trailing stop lines. live trade system

What is the basic function of an amplifier?

An amplifier makes a copy of a signal. The copy is usually larger than the original signal. The copy may have a greater voltage than the original, a greater current, or both.

How do you set time for timex ironman global trainer?

It is automatically set when GPS signal is acquired.

What happen if the bandwidth of signal greater than channel bandwidth?


What is an atomic watch?

A watch that is updated automatically from an outside source (usually satellite or signal from a central hub).

Where can you get a wirless signal adapter for wii guitar?

You don't need one. The Wii Remote connects automatically.

What causes the turn signal to stay on after turning the corner in my 1995 F150?

there are 2 small tabs on the turn signal swith in side the steering colum. these turn the signal off when wheel is straightened after turning. if one or both are broken, signal will not turn off automatically

How do you get your turn signal to turn off after a turn?

In most vehicles, the turn signal automatically turns off when you straighten the steering wheel. In older or malfunctioning vehicles, though, you might have to manually flip the turn signal back to the neutral position.

Are there any clocks that automatically set them selves?

Yes -- some clocks set themselves via a radio signal

How do you put on a turn signal in gta4?

If you are going slow enough in your car and starting to turn the wheel, the turn signal automatically comes on in Grand Theft Auto IV. The game was created by Rockstar.

How can you use your laptop away from your home?

If there is a signal for internet nearby, you can connect to it and your laptop will automatically detect if it is a newer brand of a laptop.

What signal would a referee use to signal a direct soccer kick?

The referee should hold their arm at a 45 degree angle in the direction of the kick and then lower it.

How does network cable length affect attenuation?

longer cable lengths have greater signal attenuation

Why is it desirable to have the modulation index of an am signal as large as possible without overmodulation?

It uses the maximum power available to the transmitter and makes the signal more readable at a greater distance.

What signal does an ABS wheel sensor send?

The ABS wheel sensor sends a signal that the car might be in trouble. If the car is sliding or feels like it might spin out of control, the brakes are automatically cut on.Ê

How do you switch your 1080i to 720 on your Panasonic pt-60lc14?

The model mentioned is a 720 line display, according to the specification. This means that all signals will be resized to 720 line to be displayed on the screen. This applies to any SD signal or any 1080 signal. If a 1080i signal is received, the display will automatically resize the signal to 720.

What is a signal generator used for?

A signal generator is used to shoot flares in the air from a ships deck. It can launch flares highter than typical flares and can be seen from greater distances.

Why amplification of ac signal is easier than a dc signal?

The Amplification is much high during acmode because of transister conducts boththe Half cycles.But in DC the transister conducts only in positive half cycles.So the Amplification of AC signal greater than DC signal.

Which feature found in Windows 7 automatically reconnects a VPN tunnel if a lost of signal causes te tunnel to be dropped?

VPN Reconnect.

Is it true that there was signal lost for the wireless cellphones?

There is signal loss, over distance for any wireless (Radio) system. The cellular system gets over this problem, by using only short ranges between cells. A cell phone swaps signal, from one cell to another and changes frequency automatically.

How do you turn on cornering lights on 2000 ford windstar?

The cornering lights are tied in with the turn signals - they'll come on automatically IF the turn signal is used.

What is a storm signal number 3?

During a storm, when winds of greater than 100 kph up to 185 kph may be expected in at least 18 hours. it is storm signal number 3