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The issue you are having is the dimmer switch itself. I have a 93 with the same issue had it for years. pull it out, disassemble it carefully, there is carbon buildup on the dimmer wheel. you'll notice if you wiggle the wheel the lights will come on. years ago when i first had the issue i came across a site that had full disassembly and reassembly instructions. replace the switch and your issue is done. pull it out clean it up cost nothing and for a while it will stay good.

the 93 assembly has the dimmer, mirror, and sunroof controls all in one bank its easiest to pry out the whole bank disconnect all the wire clips. its tricky to remove the 3 individual components because their pressure clips are in tight against each other but it can be done with a flathead screwdriver.

hope this helps.-----------------------------

I tried the above but did not find any carbon build up. With the switch still apart I plugged it back into the car and tried wiggling the connector. Then noticed that the one capacitor on the circuit board was a little loose. By moving it back and forth we could turn the lights on and off. Replaced this capacitor with one off of an old PC motherboard and the switch now works great. Caution: You need to know how to de-solder and solder electrical connections to do this. If you don't know how, find a friend (or a friends son) who does this as a hobby and offer to trade for something you can repair!

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Q: How can you fix dash lights in a 1996 Honda Civic EX if the fuses bulbs and dimmer switch are good?
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