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The light is on because there is problem with the SRS. This is not a DIY repair. Serious injury can occur while servicing this system. You may also cause the airbag to prematurely deploy or not deploy at all. These air bag modules are very expensive and if it goes off, you have cost yourself big $. Take it to a professional for repair and don't even consider working on it yourself. Record the number of blinks before taking in for service. ex. three blinks followed by a pause, then two blinks would be a code 32. If there is a problem with your airbag system the light will go on, stay on, and even blink. The dash will even make a beeping sound. Record the blinks.

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Q: How can you fix the air bag light blinking and then steady after a while on 1995 explorer 4x4?
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Why is your Ford Focus engine light blinking?

You can disconnect the battery for 5 minutes and reset the computer. If there are problems still present, the engine light will come back on after a while. Try this first, then if the check engine light persists, there is a problem detected. And that will need the codes scanned. STOP! If the engine light is blinking it means there is damage being done. A steady light means there is a code you need checked. A flashing engine light is really bad. Pull over and get towed to your mechanic.

Why is Check engine light blinking 2001 ford explorer sport trac?

If your check engine light is blinking with the engine running , an ignition misfire has been detected . Take it in and have it scanned for trouble code(s) in order to diagnose and repair the problem . Try not to accelerate quickly while taking it in for repair as this could damage the catalytic converter(s)

Your theft light keeps blinking while driving?

If your theft light keeps blinking while driving, chances are you have accidentally hit the toggle switch underneath the dash. Find the toggle switch that is located near the panel and click off the button.

What does it mean when the OD OFF light is blinking while OD is engaged?

There is a problem with the Overdrive. Seek professional help.

Can you drive your car with the check engine light blinking?

The check engine light blinking means that an ignition misfire has been detected Avoid any rapid acceleration or deceleration while you drive it in for repair to avoid damaging your catalytic converter

How do i get the alarm light in your Acura RSX to stop blinking while im driving?

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What does blinking overdrive off light mean?

If the O/D OFF light is flashing while you are driving you should take the vehicle in for servicing as soon as you can because you can cause damage to the transmission

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What does it mean when the check engine light is blinking while the car is running on a 96 Nissan 240sx?

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2002 2.0l golf gls - blinking check engine light and some hesitation while driving any suggestions for cause?

If the light is blinking, that is a bad sign. Take it to a shop and have them read the code. It could mean your catalytic converter is failing. Can be the ignition coils, just replaced mine at 31.25 a piece.

Why would the OD Off light be blinking while the check engine light is on in 1996 Mazda 626 Dx Sedan?

Commonly, the OD blinking and subsequent CEL are due to the tranny overheating. Most common on the 4 cylinder (AT) models. OD light blinking implies the tranny is overheating. the CEL appears when the tranny is significantly overheating. Frequent fluid changes and an auxillary tranny cooler can help extend the life. It appears that the transmission on the 4 cylinder is simply undersized.

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What does the blinking check engine light mean on a 1999 Toyota RAV4?

If the light comes on "steady" it means that the computer has detected a fault but that you can probably wait to take care of it at your convenience... hopefully within a few days. If the light is BLINKING, it means that something more serious is wrong and you need to take care of it NOW. The check engine light (service engine soon) comes on and stays on when a problem is detected by the self diagnosis system of your vehicle. Generally, the problem is in the emissions or something that is affecting the effectiveness of the emissions, but other causes can trigger the light to come on, too. To determine the cause, the vehicle will need to be taken to AutoZone or a shop that has an OBD2 scanner, or for 1995 and earlier models, an OBD1 scanner, While a scanner will not give you the magic answer, it will give you a code that narrows down the problem area.

What does the engine light on your 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac mean?

The light that shows an engine symbol is your check engine light . If the light stays on while the engine is running, the OBD II system has detected a possible problem with your emission system. If the light flashes on and off, an engine "miss" has been detected . Have your Explorer scanned for any trouble codes to find and then repair the problem.

The overdrive light flashes on and off while driving your 2000 ford explorer 4.0 v6 sohc?

A malfunction has been detected - get it checked out

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What if your 1997 Ford Explorer shutters and vibrates in idle and even a bit while driving and the check engine light is constantly on?

An obdII code reader will tell you why the light is on and might tell you what is wrong

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What makes the four wheel drive light blink while driving on a 1999 Ford Explorer?

Mine is doing the same thing. I need an answer to this too.

Why air bag light keeps blinking while van is running 1992 ford econoline van?

There is a problem with the SRS. This is not a DIY repair. Severe injury can occur when working with the SRS. Seek professional help.

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