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How can you fix the hydrocarbons from leaking into the air?


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Check your cat. on your exhaust. hook a scan tool up to test your O2 sensors. if your O2 sensor reads high then you know your cat. converter is bad.


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If air is leaking out, obviously the pressure will decrease to nothing. Find the leak and fix it.

It depends on where it is leaking. You can just buy a rebuilt dryer from Suncore Industries for $30.00.

You have to say WHERE it is leaking from for someone to answer it.

Many hydrocarbons have a lower density than air but not all.

If you have figured out where it is leaking from then here is a link to check out. I haven't used these people yet, but I am planning on it if I need to replace the air shocks in the front...

You do not mention what model this is on ? If I had to guess I would say the Evaporator is leaking

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It is possible that the expansion tank on a boiler could have too much water and not enough air, causing leaking. To fix this problem, the tank should be adjusted to the right levels of each.

It could be leaking from a number of places. Some could be a simple fix and others not so simple. Need more info as to where it is leaking.

This often means that the capacity has gone bad. Leaking isn't a good sign and should probably be investigated as soon as possible. It is a simple fix and remember that rushing equipment is worse damage then paying for a simple fix.

If your air condition unit is leaking you can call a local mechanic who specializes in that or a company. One hour heating and air condition is a great solution and they have reasonable rates.

The only fix for a leaking heater core is to replace it.

How to fix this depends on where specifically it is leaking from.

When hydrocarbons burn, they release a great amount of energy.

by finding out what is leaking

You cut the leaking portion out and replace it with two couplings and a length of pipe.

A. W. Pucknat has written: 'Health impacts of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons' -- subject(s): Adverse effects, Air, Air Pollutants, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, Pollution, Polycyclic Hydrocarbons, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, Toxicology

If your vehicle is leaking fumes, then your gas tank needs to be fixed.

Leaking around the stem when on, replace or add to the packing around the stem. Leaking when shut off, replace the washer.

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